5 Free Anti-Virus

Lets face it, even though we seem to know a lot about malware, virus or trojans but that knowlede has not helped us to be safe. Our system performance ha been hampered, we also have lost our data sometimes or atl east know few people around us who did lose their important data to these online threats. Cases of identity-stealing are also very common. So, need for having an antivirus is obvious. But with range of options available, decision-making takes time. So here are our top 5 best antivirus softwares that can serve you well with its feature, performance and user interface:

We conducted series of procedure with monitoring on effective time taken for that processes and impact on performance of device by the same through installation to scanning and additional day to day normal usage of the system with the free Antivirus suit. For the purpose of malware detection rate we use 2 additional independent labs, and

AVAST Free Antivirus 
Avast shows strength on Protection from known and zero day malware with zero to very less false positive rate, as shown by AV-TEST and av- comparative labs.

Good user-friendly interface, very low system impact while scanning, lots of customization options and some extra features like password manager, safe zone browser, software updates and a network scanner.
That what it makes avast our editor’s choice, for its user friendly protection against known and real time threat reaction mechanism with almost no impact on performance of machine.
Download: Free Security Suite 2017 
Efficient Protection from known and zero day malware with very less false positive rate , as shown by AV-TEST and AV- comparative labs.

The User Interface of the suite is option-packed which makes it little bit annoying at first place also its might impact on system during scanning makes intimidating for some users.
However with good amount of customization as well some free add on like- VPN client AKA Avira Phantom VPN and ability to block phishing and infected sites gives it an extra edge for privacy concern user demand.
Download: itDefender Antivirus Free EditionBitDefender Free Antivirus

It provides best in class protection also confirmed by both the labs, it is on top on all the area from protection to performance
It has very basic User interface and almost very less customization option available like we can’t even schedule a scan that’s why we given it a 3rd rank in our recommendation
Panda Free Antivirus 
Panda free Antivirus managed to get good score in our test with few false positive rate.
It has very clean user interface which is very handy for a new user. It also has a good USB vaccination available with very less impact on system performance as well as on storage of the system.
Panda Free antivirus comes with pop up ads which is kind of annoying and it also tries to hijack browser setting for more ads.

AVG AntiVirus FREE 

AVG antivirus Free comes with lots of customization option with good antivirus engine but with higher amount of false positive rate
It is equipped with lots of tools like Behavior-Based Detection, Website Rating, and cloud-based scanning. It tries to modify browser with its yahoo based browser add on and keeps prompting you to upgrade to premium version which is bit annoying

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