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Choose a Handbag That Flatters Your Figure

Do you know the most expensive bags to make it to Guinness Books of World Records is ‘1001 Diamonds Night Purse’ costing a whopping $34.5 million? Or do you know the word ‘handbags’ were first used in 1900’s to describe a man’s briefcase?

It’s all a passé now, handbags are the woman’s most loved arm candy and with rampantly growing market of fake handbags, owning a collection of your favourite designer label isn’t a distant dream.

Choosing Handbags Based On Your Body-Type
Let your body type guide you to your perfect handbag before you order your fake purses from LV or Gucci

Tall and Slender
Go for handbag that is medium sized and with a shorter shoulder strap. A hobo bag compliments a lady with a narrow waist, or picking up a shoulder bag that ends at the hip level can bring out the similar effect.

Choose a smaller handbag to balance your proportions. If you have small bust, go for handbag that drapes across the chest area like a satchel. However, if you wish to take attention off your larger bust, opt for bags that dangle from your arms. Ensure that you pick block color handbags in place of the highly patterned ones. Solid shades will again be your safest bet.

Get benefitted with a medium sized handbag. Remember, very small or large bag can make you look disproportionate and will create a broadening effect. You must carry your bag stylishly by its handle or drape it over your arms. Well- structured handbags are an ideal pick for you and it’s better to refrain from bags that lack definition, such as hobo bags.

Larger Bottom
If you are pear shaped or have wider hip line and narrow shoulders, then make sure your handbag falls above your waist. Anything that touches or falls below the hip line will have a broadening effect on your unflattering parts. Make sure the bag is of stiff fabric with defined structure.

Other Handbag Functions to Consider

1. Colors
– When in doubt, always go for neutral shades as it blends perfectly with most of the outfit. Fawn (beige), camel (Light brown) and dark browns go with warm colors. While gray, pewter and black compliment cool colors. Go for peppy prints and bold hues to add a tinge of pop to your ensemble.
2. Straps– If you have a large bust-line, avoid short-straps shoulder bags that nestle under your arm, drawing more attention to that area. A well cut-out sleek handbag that touches your waist is an ideal pick. If you have wide hips, go for a short-strap that is worn over shoulder to divert attention from the area. Petite or small-busted frame looks more symmetrical with a shorter shoulder strap or you can also opt for dressier or light-weight straps that touch your waist-line .For taller people, long straps are the safest bet.
3. Functionality- If you are always on the go, pick a structured bag or tote in a dark solid shade with a weatherproof fabric such as canvas, treated leathers or micro fiber. Check the essential compartments you might need for papers, files, cosmetics, cell-phones or cards to organize your essentials better. Ensure consistency in style and purpose. Coordinate your shoes, bag and accessory to match the formal or casual set-up.


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