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Five Thrilling Diving Sites in the Andamans


During the British rule, the Andaman Islands were scandalously known as “Black Water Prison” or “Kala Pani.” Political leaders who were considered to be a threat to the British Raj were sent to the northern-east part of Port Blair to the infamous Cellular Jail, the Indian Bastille. Today, these islands are known more for the kaleidoscope of flora and fauna they are home to. Tickets booked in India’s second largest airline Jet Airways flights for Andaman holiday packages can take you to this tropical paradise at affordable prices.

The Andamans, also called “mini India,” offer an exotic view of marine life. The dense forests are equally spectacular and lush green. An article in the daily, Navbharat Times, describes the island as:

“Here the white beaches on the edge of a meandering coastline have palm trees that sway to the rhythm of the Sea. The beat of tribal drums haunts the stillness and technicolour fish steer their way through crystal clear water.”

This group of islands is home to extensive coral reef ecology, seeing which would definitely be an incredible lifetime experience.

Best Diving Spots in the Andaman Islands
Dive sites near South Andaman Island/ Port Blair

Cinque Island: This place houses an amazing diversity of coral, shells, salt water crocodiles, sea anemones, water snakes and much more. It has been declared a sanctuary by the government of India and is a perfect diving destination. The clarity is up to 80 feet.

Fish Rock: Reef sharks, Nurse Sharks, batfish turtlefish, potato cod, parrotfish and soft, thick coral are a part of the marine life that you will see here. This site offers an extremely vibrant dive.

Rutland Island: Open water divers must keep this place in mind when choosing Andaman holiday packages because it is best suited for training purposes. Trigger fish, Rays, Grunts, etc, are a part of the marine life often seen here.

Dive sites near Havelock Island

Aquarium: Hard corals with a lot of “fish traffic” are the main attraction here. It also has good visibility.

Turtle Bay: This dive site is no more than 14 meters in depth and even novices can have great experiences of underwater life here.

Diving is an adventure sport that involves recognizing the inexplicable beauty of mother nature that is rarely seen. A trip to the Andaman islands would help you explore not just the surroundings but also what lies beneath it all with an adventure sport like diving. Andaman holiday packages are a great way to see this spectacular destination.


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