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Hitchhiker’s Guide to Travelling

Are you a newbie hitchhiker travelling alone for the first time? The prospect of being out in the unknown can be both fascinating and intriguing; but there could be times when you may need certain things to avoid discomfort. For people with a serious case of wanderlust, it is best to travel safe and with all essential commodities like a Sony camcorder, extra innerwear and a sturdy pair of boots. Extra money is always welcome as you could be staying anywhere, from a classy hotel resort to a tent in a tropical swamp. When hitchhiking, you can never predict what is going to happen next or how you are going to travel to your next destination. So, it is best to be prepared before you set out.
Things You Need to Pack Before a Hitchhiking AdventureHere is a list of items that you may require while hitchhiking.
Backpack: When you are out in the unknown all by yourself, your backpack can act as your lifeline. A sturdy, lightweight and portable backpack makes a huge difference when it comes to independent travel. Your strap-on backpack should be durable and spacious, as it needs to accommodate your clothes, first aid kits, camera or Sony camcorder, toiletries and other essentials. It is best to travel light by minimizing the number of shoes and books, as these weigh a lot. Also consider what is unnecessary and avoid these. If you are planning to stay in the open, under the stars, pack your portable tent and sleeping bag in your backpack.
Essential clothing: The most important thing when choosing the right clothes is their quality and purpose. You do not want the added weight of your jacket or jeans if you are travelling to a hot place. Also, do not pack only shorts and t-shirts as it could get chilly after dark. Ultra lightweight jackets are appropriate for all weather conditions, as they protect you against the cold and are highly portable due to their light weight. Also waterproof wear like a hooded sweatshirt can be handy during times of strong winds or rain. Other items to carry may include a hat or sunglasses.
The right footwear: There is a lot to consider while choosing the right footwear, as you have the options of choosing flip-flops, sandals, running shoes or hiking boots. If you are travelling to a hot destination, nothing beats a casual slipper or durable sandals. They are lightweight, comfortable and can be packed easily. If you are planning to carry big hiking boots, you may want to reconsider. While they may seem necessary while climbing a mountain or trekking, they may make you feel hot in other terrains. A better alternative can be thin soled vented shoes or light running shoes. They are appropriate for trekking activity and are comfortable and convenient to wear in town.
Electronic items: Thanks to the wonders of technology, hitchhikers can carry a good quality digital camera like an SLR or a Sony camcorder to record their adventure. People with a passion for photography can conveniently carry a cybershot camera. This will allow you to relive your adventure and share it with your loved ones. Make sure to keep spare batteries and memory cards so that you are never short of power and space. A smartphone or iPod is a must for hitchhikers with an inclination towards music. Do not forget to keep extra earplugs. Be cautious while travelling with expensive electronic items, as they can be stolen when you are in a foreign land.While your smartphone may seem like essentials, small things like mosquito repellents and a first aid kit could prove exceptionally handy. It is a good idea to research and gather as much information as possible before commencing your journey.


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