Modern warfare of cars

 Speed, the name is more than enough to make any youngster go gaga over it. However, speed and car both share an old bond of togetherness, to exploit this astounding combo sores of foremost sports company are also looking forward to invest their capital on this road monster.
The technology is aiding the most in enhancing the process of car with maximum speed, mileage, nitro booster triggers along keeping safety issues into account. Different companies try their best to attract their customers by providing in numerous splendid facilities, some are:
·        Hydraulic System- They are one of the specialized features of cars which are coming in the market now-a-days. This features enables the driver of the car to go through any potholes or any kind of roads. They are also used to uplift the car for more fast speed.
·        Hydraulic brakes- These are used to halt the car within a split of seconds. These brakes are specialized in such a way that even the car is on its maximum speed it will halt the car without damaging its tyres.
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·        Super chargers- These are used to increase the horse power of the car basically used in the racing cars or in sports car.
Let's Talk Random Modern warfare of cars RANDOM   Let's Talk Random Modern warfare of cars RANDOM
·        Special sensors- They are one of the most desirable function which can be seen cars now-a-days. These sensors helps to park the car behind any type of garage doors.
·        Safety air bags- These air bags provide cushions filled with air which automatically pops out when the car met with an accident so as to protect its passengers from the accident.
·        GPS navigation system- The GPS navigation system privileges the car owner to find his desired location without any hassle.
·        Automatic roof top- This feature can be easily spotted in any of the cars with leading brand tag on it. This feature is useful to explore the serenity of the nature while on a road trip, jungle safari trip or to enjoy the splashes of rainy season, gust of soothing wind.
Let's Talk Random Modern warfare of cars RANDOM   Let's Talk Random Modern warfare of cars RANDOM   Let's Talk Random Modern warfare of cars RANDOM
·        Semi-automatic gear box- This feature enables the driver of the car to change the gear without much ado as earlier cars were having complex gear box system.
Although above-listed features are not enough to attract more populace across the globe so leading car companies are on the lookout for excavating new technologies to meet the requirements , comfort of the customer. Special types of fuel are also been researched upon to use them in the upcoming avant-garde type of cars. Special go green cars are also selling like hot cup-cakes in the market because of their fuel efficient feature without wrecking the environment.

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