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Things to Take on Your African Safari

Let's Talk Random Things to Take on Your African Safari Travel Diary Unconventional

Africa is a dream destination for nature lovers and adventure travelers alike. A safari here is nothing short of fantastic, with majestic animals living amidst plush environs. Just when you get all excited seeing a leopard drinking water or an orangutan calling its mate, you dig into your bag for your DSLR camera. That’s when your heart sinks and you realize that you’ve left it at home! So, here is a list of things you should remember to carry with you if you are planning on an African safari.

Things You Must Not Forget to Pack

Choosing the Right Clothing: Packing light is absolutely essential, especially if you are planning on traveling solo. If your holiday is centered around nature and adventure, you may be on foot or in a jeep moving between camps. This may not allow you to have huge suitcases. Moreover, if you wish to take back souvenirs from Africa, it is a good idea to pack clothes that you can leave behind with the locals. Due to the poor conditions of the villagers, they will be more than happy to accept hand-me-down clothes.

Consider packing khaki clothing, like trousers, shorts and t-shirts. These help you blend into the backdrop and allow you to easily take pictures of animals from a close range. Moreover, avoid dark colored clothes. These will not only stand out, but attract insects and bugs. Do not forget to keep a warm jacket or sweater with a lot of pockets. Though it is blazing hot during the day, the nights can turn pretty chilly.

Protection from the Sun: 
A good and durable safari hat and sunglasses to protect you against the heat should definitely be a part of your packing list. A hat will also come in handy to prevent your hair from flying due to the steady breeze.

Keeping Your Memories Intact: No jungle safari is complete without a camera. Make sure to keep a good quality camera to capture images of the wild animals and the marvelous sunset. You can go a step further by keeping a Panasonic camcorder to record those wonderful moments. So whether you wish to relive those moments through videos, to share them on Facebook with your friends or to take a great panoramic shot of the wild, a Panasonic camcorder is something you just cannot forget. The powerful lenses of a camcorder can capture intricate details of the jungle and the wildlife.

Sturdy Footwear: As you may be travelling a lot on foot, pack a pair of sturdy and durable shoes that are appropriate. Go for high ankle boots as they are apt for a jungle safari. Also pack in a pair of flip-flops. These are perfect in case there is a light rain and the path is a little muddy. They are easy to clean and dry quickly.

Spacious Bag: You may need a small, spacious bag while traveling between camps. Apart from your normal luggage, a spacious duffle bag can help keep your belongings safe. You can put in your camera, smartphone and a first aid kit in it.

It is a good idea to gather as much information as possible before traveling to Africa. There are a number of things you can miss out if you do not plan for your wildlife safari and make bookings accordingly. Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun. This is sure to be a trip of a lifetime.


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