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Transcendental Meditation: Reducing & Eleminating stress

 If Dr. Gary Kaplan, a reputed and senior neurologist currently associated with New York University School of Medicine is to be believed than for controlling mounting levels of stress that is synonymous with everyday work life, an effective meditation technique is warranted, that provides consistent results. And transcendental meditation could easily be the answer! He explains that although transcendental meditation is a mental technique, the method has prominent physiological advantages on account of the mind-body relationship it is able to establish.

Stress and Transcendental Meditation—Establishing the Correlation

Transcendental meditation techniques manage to reduce stress naturally and easily by imparting a complete sense of deep restfulness. Scientific research has gone on to prove that those practicing transcendental meditation experience a profound restfulness that is characterized by specific changes in bodily symptoms.

By achieving deep rest and reduced stress, those who regularly practice transcendental meditation manage to improve their health as well as energy levels, and ensure psychological well-being. Hence, they can successfully maintain a busy schedule at, since the negative effects associated with accumulated stress aren’t present any longer.

Some Positive Effects of TM as a Stress Reducer

Concrete research has gone on to reveal that the positive impact of transcendental meditation on stress levels can be characterized as:

  1. Swifter Recovery from Stress:Those practicing TM are seen to be recovering from stressful episodes faster than those who do not. Their bodies and minds swing into a repair mode as soon as stress affects them, rejuvenating the system within in no time.
  1. Better Anxiety Management and Reduced Insomnia:Stress and anxiety are closely related to each other. One stems from the other. Transcendental meditation controls anxiety and helps in managing insomnia. Therefore, you are able to sleep well and achieve a relaxed state of mind and body.
  1. Reduced Heart Rate: Elevated stress levels are associated with increase in heart rate. With TM techniques, heart rates can be effectively managed.
  1. Managing Depression:TM techniques help in managing depression effectively. Depressed mental states are more prone to stress. By managing depressive tendencies, TM techniques help in keeping stress in control.
  1. Lowering Blood Pressure: Often, stress levels cause temporary spikes in blood pressure which might lead to further anxiety. Transcendental meditation also helps in stabilizing blood pressure levels, restoring calmness.



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