Women in today’s modern world are lucky to be living in an age where being single is not considered taboo. A single woman can go about her life happily, without having to worry too much about finding the right man. However, it is every woman’s innate desire to finally settle down with a man who will love and respect her for all that she truly is. All of us want to find love and happiness in a relationship that is both pleasing and fulfilling.
Women are often more introspective than men when it comes to relationships. They are constantly looking for ways to improve their relationships, and in turn, improve themselves. The truth, however, is that while each individual is unique, the problems they face in looking for Prince Charming or Mr. Right are universal.
Here is a definitive list of the Top 10 Mistakes that Single Women Make in their attempt to attract Prince Charming enough to make him want to stay.
1)     Revealing Too Much about Yourself: This is one of the primary problems that plague single women all over the world. We reveal too much about ourselves too soon. The moment a man opens up even a little bit, we go all out in telling him all about ourselves, our likes and dislikes, our needs and sometimes even our past. Now, it isn’t that I am advocating that you hide things from him, but do leave a little room for suspense. Every man in this world likes his woman to be a little mysterious. Men are intrigued by things they don’t know, or can’t control. So give out a little of yourself at a time. Let him discover all that you are over time. Open up to him as the relationship builds and progresses.
2)     Trying to be Perfect: In the desire to be perfect for the “one”, too many women try to change themselves to an unnatural extent. The truth is that there is no such thing as absolute perfection. You should aspire to be interesting, rather than trying to be perfect. An interesting personality will always hold a man’s attention, while a quest for perfection will only be exhausting and unrelenting.
3)     Dressing Too Revealingly: This is another common mistake that many women make. Showing too much skin is unlikely to help you find a long-lasting, meaningful relationship. Women obviously like being called sexy, and a little show of skin only adds to the appeal of a woman. However, it is a very risky game to play. One needs to strike the perfect balance. Dress too modestly and you will be labelled as old-fashioned; but dress too revealingly and you will only attract the wrong kind of attention. Although they may do it unconsciously, all men make assessments on the kind of relationship they can have with a woman based on the way she dresses. So make sure you aren’t dressing in a way that sends out the wrong kind of signals.
4)     Making Excuses about Why He Won’t Commit: The simple truth is that most men are commitment-phobic. The sooner you come to terms with this fact, the easier it will be for you to seek a partner who is actually committed to you. There is no use in lying to yourself and making excuses about something you don’t want to face up to. If a man says he that he can’t be monogamous, just take his word for it and believe him.
5)     Trying to Change a “Bad Boy”: Bad boys are actually bad. There is nothing you can really do to change them, and you shouldn’t even try to. That is not your job. Many women try to achieve a complete makeover of a man they are in a relationship with. They want to change his habits, his friends and his total outlook on life, and basically make a good husband out of a bad man. This is just not possible, and ultimately you will end up feeling like a failure. If you do not like all you have seen in a man, either get used to it, or just quit the relationship.
6)     Believing that There is No One for You: After several bad relationships and experiences, most women start thinking that maybe there is no one out there who wants to marry them. This is absolute nonsense. God has made this world in such a way that there is always someone for each and everyone. Have faith in yourself and be patient. You are amazing and only the right kind of man will truly see that in you. Don’t ever give up hope. Be confident and just wait for the right man to come along.
7)     Settling for Someone who is Not Nice to You all the Time: A woman has been called the most beautiful creature on Earth. Any man who truly respects woman will always make you feel like the special and beautiful person you are. A good man will always treat you like a princess. Do not put up with a man who doesn’t treat you a princess all the time. Don’t ever settle for anything less than the absolute dedication and admiration that you so rightfully deserve.
8)     Leaving Total Control of Yourself in His Hands: This is a mistake that most of us have made at some point of time or the other. Most of us love to have someone we can lean on and depend on. However, you should make sure that while you might lean on your man at times, you don’t become completely dependent on him. The moment you transfer total control of your life and your relationship in his hands, you are making the mistake of subjugating yourself and losing respect in the process. Remember, the more you are in control of yourself, the more likely you are to win his heart.
9)     Dating Married Men: Simply put, if you are looking for a relationship that will definitely end in marriage, it should not be with a married man. You do know that going out with a married man is adultery. No woman, including you, likes to share a man. Therefore, do not go near another woman’s husband. After all, if he can be unfaithful to his present wife, what makes you think he will not be unfaithful to you? There are many better single men out there. It’s an open market. Just keep away from married men.
10) Always Being a “Yes” Person: Every man likes a girl he can count as his equal. Agreeing with everything he says, as opposed to it as you may actually be, will only make him lose respect for you. Do not blindly agree with everything your man says or wants to do. Use your own judgement and try to figure out if you really agree with him. Learn to say “No” if you don’t agree.
The bottom line is that you are an original. No one can be a better you. This is why when you try to be something you are not, you are likely to do a bad job of it. And if you want to find the perfect man for yourself, it simply has to be a person who sees the real you and loves what he sees. So, all that is left to be said is that the world is your oyster. Go forth… and conquer!!! 

The author TheCuriousSoul