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Be our guest and check out these total no’s from 2016. We did a review of these high end products and found them disappointing. The whole idea behind buying these high end brands is getting assurance of quality – pigmentation and longevity and when they fail on these grounds it is a deal breaker (and a heart breaker too – letting out the silent cries coming from an avid cosmetics lover). The product according to us didn’t do well, they might work for you but a heads up never hurts right? So check out this very useful review and save yourself some probable bad choices.

Covergirl Fibre Lash Masacara
Kylei Kyeshadow The burgundy Palette
Ofra Gel eyeliner
Kylie Kyliner set
Nards Best Cheek Palette
Tatcha Camellia Lip Balm

Let us know what products you wish for our beautuber to try out!