Do you know what type of Liar are you?

According to Dr. Gail Saltz, a psychiatrist at The New York Presbyterian Hospital, it is a proven fact that everybody lies at some point or the other. Dr. Saltz believes that we usually start lying at the age of 4-5, as we gain awareness of the power and use of language. However, at this age, the lies we tell are not harmful or malicious. So, how do we judge the spectrum of lies and differentiate between harmless and malicious lies? Is there a yardstick to measure whether the lie is acceptable or not? Well, YES! There are different types and forms of lies. While some can be ignored, others cause great emotional, mental and physical trauma.

So, let us start off by discussing the various types of liars:

The Occasional Liar
Occasional liars do lie, but only under duress. And when they lie, they sink into a deep feeling of guilt. Such liars will generally ask for your forgiveness and admit their fault. They don’t lie with any malicious or harmful intent. The motive usually is to protect themselves.

The Frequent Liar
A frequent liar goes on lying whenever and wherever possible. Such a person is unconcerned whether he lies make sense or are covering his tracks. A frequent liar is generally seen twisting the story. You will easily be able to detect such liars, since their lies are usually so blatant that they are easily recognized as lies.

The Smooth Liar
As an experienced liar, a smooth liar has mastered the art of lying. Such people will often mislead you with their lies and make you fall into their trap. A smooth liar is generally good with his body language and words. Like Adolf Hitler said, “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.” This perfectly sums up a smooth liar.

The Compulsive Liar
Often regarded as a disease, compulsive liars end up lying even when it isn’t needed. They are addicted to lying and they don’t have control over it. Do you remember the Jim Carrey starrer “Liar Liar,” released in 1997? The character played by Jim Carrey suffered from compulsive lying disorder and would lie without even thinking about it. Of course, the movie took it to an extreme, where the character couldn’t tell the truth even if he tried, but it did give the general picture of compulsive lying.



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