For that Man in Yellow Overcoat

The first and last time I saw him was in a Metro heading towards Rajiv Chowk from Vaishali. Now before you label me a pervert who checks out random guys in public transport, please take my word for it and know that I am not. Yellow being the colour that draws my attention, eyes moved towards him and I could not look away, no matter how hard I tried. No, he was not great looking, was quite average rather. I was not at all lurking over him but there was something in him because no matter how hard I tried, I could not move my eyes away.

He was wearing a Yellow overcoat, had shoulder length Curly hair and a dark complexion. He was standing cross-legged with one leg in front of other and leaning against the gate (totally ignoring operators warning). He had headphones on and thankfully his eyes were closed so he could not see me looking at him continuously without blinking. Why was I looking at him so shamelessly you ask? I was down and out badly beaten up by life itself and the guy reminded me of this incarnated version of God I once had unwavering faith in. The kind of faith which brings dead back to life, which believes that there is this guy who lives up in the sky and he gets to decide who gets a great life and who deserves a crappy one.

So everything seemed perfect till now as per standard definition of Gods of mythology. He did look like this God who stayed in my head for 17 years of my life and whom I labeled as being responsible for the good, the bad and the ugly in my life; the color yellow, shoulder length Curls, the cross-legged standing posture! But I was trying to look for more hints. A peacock feather in his beautiful hair or a flute in his hands. I think he heard some joke on radio for he smiled. It seemed for a second as if he could sense what exactly was going on in my head and as if he knew all the answers.

I wonder what all I could have asked for if only he had a feather in his hair and a flute in his hands. Love, health, happiness and peace for sure. Reasons behind major screw ups in my life may be. Definitely, would have asked for more strength to get back up every time I fall down. A flute and peacock-feather holds so much power you ask? We live in a magical country you see. It’s full of color and miracles. We are the kind of people who do not believe in miracles, we rely on them, we live miracles daily.

We both deboarded at the crowded Rajiv Chowk Metro station. While I struggled making my way out of the crowd and making sure not to lose track of him at the same time, he seemed to glide through effortlessly. Although I did not find a flute, he did carry a Guitar and I wondered if his guitar has the same effect on the ladies as the flute had on women of that once upon a time. That guy in a Yellow shirt was my miracle for that day when I needed one the most. Though he did not answer my questions or solve my problems like I imagined him to do, nonetheless I did feel a sense of relief in being reminded of the time when innocent faith had powers to solve all the problems.

If that guy comes across and reads this piece; Thank you for being there that day Buddy and thank you for wearing Yellow. The timing could not have been perfect. It was fun finding God in another human. Someday, I plan to stand before a mirror and find a Goddess in myself.

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