Lazy Girl’s Plans for New Year Eve

If you are one of us!!! And by us I mean people who do not have plans to waste away your night (and a major part of a morning after) by drinking more than you should and trying to be friendly with people you wish get deported to another planet then don’t you worry, you are not a lunatic !!! We exist. The Good news is that we do not have to fall into that self pity mode of being the weird one and can still have a great time on last night of the year. Here are a few reasons it is totally justified staying back home on New Year’s Eve:

Bed is our one true Friend: We are lazy by choice. No amount of booze, boys and dancing can entice us to leave our beds and why not? Our pillows have wiped more tears than people. Our blankets have been our companions of more sleepless nights than closest of relatives and friends. All the stress and pain and anger goes away the minute we crash on that feather soft mattress. If by any chance you are staying in northern parts of India, importance of a warm and cozy bed on cold December night increases manifolds. So ditch that option of noisy night and spend New Year’s Eve with that friend that never ditches you in comfort of your house.

You wear your favorite outfit and no one judges you: What do all the lazy girls on this planet have in common? I hope I do not encounter any argument here and we all agree that we swear by our ‘Pajamas’. Why fall into that trap of looking prim & proper by wearing heels and putting on a dress on a cold night when we can welcome New Year in our favorite snuggly Pajama in comfort of our houses. There is too much pressure of looking perfect all day long already. On the plus side, if you stay home (minus the heels), you will wake up all chirpy and fresh and your feet will thank you on the first day of New Year.

TV Marathon: As if you need a reason for TV Marathon… If you consider Phoebe Buffay as one of your best buddies there is one more reason for you to stay at home on 31st December. If that is not enough then HBO is airing Game of Thrones one season a day. No party howsoever cool can closely match the passion and drama of GoT.Still not enough, Victoria Secret’s show is scheduled to be aired on Zee Cafe. There is nothing for fulfilling than sitting in your oversized pajamas and making a mental report on latest trend in lingerie.

No awkward Hellos and Smiles: This one is my totally favorite part and hopefully for all introverts like me. You do not have to smile at people when deep down you wonder is this person evolved enough to be called human… No judgements on your dressing style, your career or your marital status. You can spend time at home with people who actually matter. Seriously when was the last time all of you sat together on one couch and enjoyed silly stand up comedy on television which is synonymous to celebration style of one family?

No chance of losing heels, kissing frogs, biting a poisoned apple: Before you jump up and say all these “Fairy Tale” instances are the exact reasons why you should go to that late night party. Let me wake that latent Feminist in you who has been playing the role of Sleeping Beauty for quite some time now. Listen all you girls… It takes a lifetime to find the perfect heels ones that do not bite.. I would never ever want to trade off my perfect shoes for some moron who has nothing better to do but match feet of random girls with the shoes. Also kissing frogs is gross in the hope of finding prince is totally gross. I hope I never shared a drink with you… If you hope to find the love of your life in these parties then you need some self love lessons and a lot of self respect..

For a change, why not get up early and welcome the new sun of new year with open arms. Promise of a better tomorrow begins with an early morning right. Whatever you decide to do laze around at home or party away at night, I hope all of you have a great year ahead filled with love, happiness, success and I hope we all find the purpose of our lives. Do not forget to share your views in comments below.


The author TheCuriousSoul