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Offbeat Travel Destinations in Kerala

Choosing to spend your holiday in the less crowded areas of Kerala is a good opportunity to fully enjoy the beauty of nature surrounding you. There are a number of places off the radar that can be quite thrilling and refreshing, which is why people looking to rejuvenate themselves often choose Kerala as an ideal holiday destination. Most of the times, the popular places see a large number of tourists, making these places extremely crowded and disconcerting. A Kerala tour to any of the lesser travelled parts can therefore be more exotic and fun. People who need a break from the hectic city life can opt to go to any of as yet undiscovered tourist places in Kerala. These also make for great honeymoon destinations. The first step, however, is to gather information about all these places.

Top Offbeat Tourist Attractions in Kerala

The unexplored beauty of Kerala is a visual delight for tourists. Here is a list of the top isolated tourist places in Kerala:

Neeliampathi: Nicknamed the poor man’s Ooty, there is only one way to reach Neeliampathi – through Neemeran Town in Palakkad. The flora enroute is a sight for sore eyes. Elevated 1,585 meters above sea level, the lush green tea gardens surrounded by dense tropical forests make this place truly breathtaking. Since it isn’t a highly frequented tourist destination, couples can find solace in each other’s company.

Chempera Peak: The highest peak in Wayanad, you can reach Chempera only by foot from a small town. Hikers who enjoy trekking and exploring wildlife will find this place a highly interesting option. Located 8 kms South of Kalpetta town, Chempera Peak is surrounded by mountains that are rich in greenery. A popular heart shape place is located on the way to the peak. This is a good place for honeymooners to spend quality time alone.

Silent Valley National Park:
This evergreen tropical forest is largely unexplored, situated in the Nilgiri Hills close to Palakkad. Stretching over an area 237 square kilometers, Silent Valley was converted into a National Park in 1980 to preserve the natural beauty and wildlife of the region. This place is home to a number of rare species of monkeys and birds. Those who enjoy traveling alone will find this huge valley extremely satisfying. Photographers with a knack for wildlife photography often visit this place to capture pictures of rare animals and the surrounding landscape.

While planning your Kerala tour, it is a good idea to choose a destination based on your preference and convenience. These off beat destinations offer a fresh and tranquil enclave.


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