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Plus-Size Fashion tips to reinvent your wardrobe

Do you hide behind those baggy, boring over sized clothes? Then it’s time to reinvent your wardrobe and deck up your curvaceous contour. Designers and clothing labels all over are creating ensembles exclusively for a fuller figure that accentuates your plus and downplays your knotty areas.

Rules for the Curvaceous Fashionista

Not Too Tight on the flab area- Tight fit on the flab spot can exaggerate your weight, so opt for the clothing that fits you well in the flab to turn you into fab! For instance if you have an hourglass frame and have a considerably less weight on the belly area than plus-size corset can be your ideal pick however if you are rectangular shaped than sticking to a flowy gown can be your safest bet.

Not Too Baggy– Most larger women pick oversize clothing out of self consciousness and with an idea to conceal their body however the idea backfires by drawing more attention to the body as the fit creates an illusion of larger size than the actual one. Your ensemble must skim your body, irrespective of your shape and size.

Pick Dark Colors– Colors have the ability to camouflage weight. The thumb rule is the dark shades like coffee brown, black, navy blue, maroon recede while light colors like white, beige, yellow advance. So, the central idea is to put on dark shade on the areas you wish to conceal for instance if you have wide hips and bulky thigh prefer trousers and skirts in darker shades. If you want to create an overall slimming effect choose the similar shade in the top aswell.

Avoid Details– If you are trying to downplay your wide hips then refrain from jeans with studs, embroidery or anything glitzy in the rear pockets. Similarly if your upper arms are beefy, a sleeve that ends exactly at the knotty area is a big no-no, as it will highlight the area even more.

Accessory in Sync– You need to have heavier accessories like a big bold clutch in the dark shade or a bold statement neckpiece that falls in your chest area rather than sticking to your neckline.

At last, Steer clear of frills and fussy fabrics and instead opt for clean cuts and classic design. In evening dress opt or silk or cotton-silk fabric and if opting for a flowy dress or a skirt prefer chiffon or georgette. Refrain from lycra, spandex fabric that can highlight your bulge.


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