“Accessories are like the finishing stroke of the painters brush. They highlight, define and complete her master-piece” ~Luly Yang 

Fashion allows freedom of self-expression and versatility. Accessories like handbags and shoes can transform the level of confidence and charm of women effortlessly. With the availability of imitation accessory of the best and pricy labels, owning replica purses of brand LV, Prada or Gucci is irresistible .
Understanding the Color Wheel: The Basics 
Understand how to match different hues together for a harmonious ensemble.
Primary Colors-It comprises of Red, blue, and yellow; all other colors originates from the various combination of these hues. You can go for a monochrome look with these primary shades that means styling your ensemble and accessory with one color. It adds length and streamlines your shape. You can extend the same logic to the shoes and purse.
Complementary Colors-Contrasting shades are termed as complementary, for instance pairing of orange and blue, violet and yellow, turquoise and maroon. Same logic can be extended to the handbags and shoes. However make it a point to keep it in the darker solid shade.
Styling Tips for Shoes and Bags 
 Experiment with colors but keep one shade neutral. For instance with grey shoes, you can carry colorful, blingy or peppy bag in terms of design and color.
  1. Understand the fabric. Stiffer, dressier bag made from leather or canvas works well in professional ambience. It can be paired with closed or peep-toed wedge or pencil heels and ballerinas whereas the slouchy, asymmetrical or atypical bags work well with the gladiator sandals for casual backdrop.
  2. The flow and the fits of outfit. If your outfit is monochromatic or is in solid shades than a handbag and the shoes with a pop of contrasting shade can accentuate your appeal. If your ensemble has a flowy or fluid fabric like chiffon, crepe or georgette, then the shoes with feminine appeal like ballerinas, lacy footwear will intensify the charm. However the bag with stiff fabric likes leather in tote or clutch pattern will heighten the spark.
  3. Bodytype as the guiding light. Highlight your best features and tone down your problematic ones. If you are fuller and curvaceous, rectangular-shaped bag with narrow strap will streamline your physique and if you are petite, than asymmetrical shapes in peppy shade will take the focus away from your skinny frame.
Finally when in doubt always opt for one color look. Match the texture of the shoes and bags along with colours for instance faux-leather with faux-leather in browns. If you want to experiment with texture, keep the base colour same for shoes, belts and bags. For the shimmery shades like gold, copper or silver, make sure you carry a clutch instead of bags with a bigger or heavier size. Start assembling your collection of the best handbags and shoes. With wholesale replica purse available online, getting one that suits your fashion taste and budget isn’t a task anymore.

The author TheCuriousSoul