Cliches are cliches for a reason and that reason being they are mostly true. I am gonna take liberty and throw one such cliche at you of Books being a person’s Best friend. So if you are anybody or anything like me who tries to find answers to most of the complexities of life in books or if you feel a book could jerk start your latent lazy life, here is a list of books you could read or re-read :

The Fountainhead: I can not explain the kind of effect this book had on me. I can only hope it has the same effect on you. I re-read this masterpiece by Ayn Rand every time I feel the world is all ganged up against me pointing fingers at me for doing something solely for my benefit. I know this mindset of mine of being affected by other’s opinion is in total contrast of what Rand is trying to accomplish through this book but i can not help it. I am going to read this book no matter how many times it takes for me to walk alone for what I feel is right irrespective of what other people think about me or want me to do.

Gone with the wind: Well !!! There are many reasons I am single and often I blame Margaret Mitchell among various other things. If she did not create Rhett Butler, I would not be judging other men with that benchmark on my mind. I am glad in a way though, I would rather be dead than settle down for a mediocre guy (again). But she created Rhett and I fell in love and one more cliche your way, fever of first true love happens only once, even if it is with a fictional character. I have used “Frankly my dear I do not give a damn” a lot and on a lot of people and almost always whilst feeling totally opposite. I am going to continue to use this in future as well; hopefully meaning it someday.

Anna Karenina: How far can a woman go for love? What all is she capable of giving up for a man she loves? Pride, reputation, family, child and even life itself; attracting scorn and ridicule of society in return. This book invariably haunts me every time I take a train journey (standing before a speeding train is a depressing way to die). Is one man’s love good enough reason to give up on life? I wish it had a different ending, somehow I never could accept the macabre climax. But who can question the master himself? I do re-read it though, it makes me feel a little stronger because I decided to live.

The Kite Runner: This work by Khalid Hosseni plays on all the strings of your heart at once. Probably one of the best ones when it comes to celebrating friendship amidst all the guilt and shame and what ifs and what if nots. It is so much that a human heart is capable of achieving with a little love and hope, irrespective of how turbulent the times are. If you have just one person who can say to you “ For you a thousand times over” it’s more than you can ask for. Whenever I feel the need for someone else to say that to me, I turn though the pages of this book.

Never let me go: What if the very purpose of your life is to give up your life so others may live? How would you live if you knew this? Would you fall in love, knowing all the while that it is just a matter of time? But isn’t it true for all of us? It is just a matter of time right; still we live and laugh and love. This book opened up my heart and somehow makes me believe in love in spite of the trust issues I have and irrespective of futility of live.

I do hope you have real people around you who can make you fall in love, who can stir your soul and who make you feel that world is filled with Sunshine in spite of on and off darkness. But till the time you find and collect such people; you can anytime turn to your book BFFs and sometimes even after you find such people, these BFFs will always be there for you just in case you decide to look out for them. Do not forget to share your list of BFFs you turn to.

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