“One is never over or under dressed with a little black dress”~Karl Lagerfeld

Who doesn’t adore a little black dress sitting in their wardrobe or adorning their petite figure to the maximum effect? The credit thoroughly goes to Coco Chanel for giving birth to this absolutely ravishing staple in every girl’s closet. It is soon going to be a hundred years that the LBD was born and it is still is growing up! In all its forms across nations of its wearers, the little black dress always can be refurbished to get you a yet glamorous look. 

Everything You Need to Know About a Little Black Dress

It is well-known that not every LBD fits everyone. Only a truly classic piece is versatile enough to suit different women. While you may wear red hot lipstick with a short, strapless piece to get a sultry look, according to Vintage Goth London, you may still have to hunt for one that suits you.

The Size
Black is one hue which can effectively cut down on any unwanted features in your persona. However, you still should adhere to a few sizing tips:
If you have shoulders narrower than your hips, try going for a trapeze dress like they used to be in the 1960s. Mary Quant was the biggest proponent of the experiment-for-uniqueness trend in the era. You shouldn’t wear straight LBDs that can oddly mark out the hip area.
If you have shoulders broad and hips smaller, avoid close collar dresses. This is for the simple reason that an open collar would be better suited to put the focus on your neck and chest. For jewelry, go for long, thin chains. 
You should simply go for a straight dress if your hips and shoulders are equally broad since the focus has to be on following the bodyline.
If you possess a large chest area, your dress should have a square neck since it makes the waist seem smaller. Avoid strapless dresses since they can ruin the bust area by squashing.

The choice of a little black dress should be done with the greatest discretion, since it is not every day that you wear one. If you have a petite waist, go for broad belts that can enhance the area. On the other hand, if you are on the blessed side and have gifted legs, consider short dresses. These really steal the show.


If your LBD is sequined, jewelry could be almost done away with. Sticking to minimal accessories when many are not needed is a positive attribute—agrees Zeina Ismail of Canadian Living when she says that not sticking to one statement piece can run the risk of overdoing accessories. However, with strapless dresses, you can display your striking, demure neckpieces. 

Go for a material that is neither bordering on extreme propriety nor racy edginess. The material should be figure flattering and right for the purpose. A stretchable satin dress is good at parties and for dance, but looks gaudy at the workplace. Jute and cotton are universally suitable especially because of the minimal gloss they accord to the LBD.

To the workplace or an important meeting, opt for polished hues over accessories like bags, shoes, belts, jackets (if you need to wear one), and the jewelry. Similarly, you can experiment with bright colors popping out of your look if you’re wearing your LBD to the classroom or an event. While wearing your dress in the evening, have black tights. Otherwise too, it is advisable to avoid flesh-colored or white tights. You are always free to experiment when you wear your LBD—so get those pumps and riding boots and get dressed like the Spice Girl you can be!
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