Beware: Valentine’s Day Ahead

Valentine’s Week warning people!!!! All the movie channels (especially Romedy Now) have conspired against us and will air Pretty Woman, Sleepless in Seattle, Notting Hill, Love Actually and so on and so forth. These movies are going to make you delusional and delusion helps nobody. However, keeping in mind the spirit of this Greeting Card Holiday, I have allowed myself to get a little (more) delusional than usual and I vow I will not judge any of you for posting pictures of ugly disfigured teddy bears holding equally ugly and disfigured hearts. Okay, Sorry!!! After all what rights do almost 32 years old cynical single woman have to hold opinion on young albeit a little tacky love. Anyhoo !!!! I promise no cynicism till Valentine’s Day. This whole week is dedicated to Love and everything related to love. For me that means Fairy Tales and Movies. I for one always had an undying faith in the power of love as portrayed in movies and fairy tales. The kind of faith which as per strict definitions could be called Psychosis.

If we go by our fairy tales, what do we learn; Have you ever wondered how much power does one kiss (especially if it is true love’s first kiss) holds. First thing a kiss can do is; it can make a comatose princess snap out of her sleep. The insomniac in me often cringes at the very idea. I would give up (if I had the opportunity at the first place) a 1000 kisses from a supposedly charming prince over a refreshing sleep. But Aurora’s Lips and her sleep are her problem, not mine.

Moving on, a kiss is believed to transform a beast into a good looking prince. This one fooled me for a very long time. So long that I remained stuck in a relationship for 9 odd years thanks to my faith in power of kisses. I assumed if a kiss could change a beast into human, it could easily change a man into human. But it was my mistake, transforming a body is easier. Even kisses do not have a power to change a heart and make it kinder.

A kiss is also believed to transform a frog into a Prince! Someone should have sued this author. Seriously! Frogs? These fairy tale people spread all these weird ideas and there are naive girls out there who actually go and kiss frogs (Metaphorical Frogs I hope) in search of Prince. This is so wrong in so many ways I tell you. First of all, kissing frogs is gross. Secondly, there are so many better things to do than kissing frogs and waiting for a prince; for example waiting for next season of Game of Thrones.

If we shift our attention from fairy tales (and kisses) to movies; Airport scenes get me all the time. I always thought someday someone would come running after me, would not give a shit to security personnel, stop me from going away and then would hug me and then everyone would applaud. I did get similar sounding opportunity once.After my break up, coincidentally I had to immediately leave the city and I was at the airport and I kept looking over my shoulder and my ears were alert for any signs of a live airport love story happening in my life. I have cried in so many Airport scenes in movies, I just assumed it was my destiny. It did hurt that day when my faith in Hollywood romance got shattered. But retrospectively, I am glad today. Even though my story is sorts of an anti climax but I now have full faith in Airport authorities, they keep us safe from all sorts of people who are wrong for us and that includes our exes.

In spite of all these loopholes in fairy tales and movies when compared with real life; I choose tales and movies over life any given day. I never kissed frogs (nor do I plan to), never was I woken up from sleep by a kiss, nor could I transform a man into a kinder human; But still I refuse to give up my faith in power of kisses. Notting Hill is my Constitution and my Bible for the month of February. I know I said delusion helps nobody, but there is no harm in taking a break from harsh reality and plunging into delusion for a week. I am going to do that….After all, I am just a Girl who once stood before a Boy and asked him to love her. I really liked that Girl!!!


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