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Today I am going to tell you all about bleaching and coloring your hair at home. Many of us don’t often have time, money or just the energy to go to a salon to get our hair prepped. No worries. I am like you and I learned the art of hair coloring at home. Okay lets start with the basics.

Everything you need to know about hair coloring at home

What is bleaching?

Bleaching is a chemical process of oxidizing your hair with hydrogen peroxide which simply means breaking the natural bond of your hair and that leads to shifting of hair color to a very pale yellow. If you are a brunette you probably will need to bleach more than once or even twice to reach to a light blonde shade. Powdered bleach is readily available in the market.

What is a developer?

Developer is a liquid catalyst that is added to a powdered bleach to make it react with the natural hair bond. The ratio of developer to bleach is always 2:1 respectively.

Stages of bleaching:

If you are a brunette or in that spectrum, the process of bleaching takes 2 to 3 sittings where hair color transforms from black to red-brown to red-orange to orange, yellow and then pale yellow. I usually stop bleaching in mid of orange and yellow. It depends on what color you want to dye your hair with if it is red, blue, green or some dark shade probably you can stop at mid orange too. But if you want a shade of baby pink, you will need to bleach your hair to the end.

Facts to know:

  • Bleached hair never comes back to its natural hair color.
  • Bleached hair remains until it’s cut-off or colored over.
  • Never bleach your hair from stage of natural hair color to yellow in one sitting.
  • Have patience and do alternate bleaching treatments.

The Process of Shampooed Bleaching:

This is a very important technique if you want perfectly bleached hair but at the same time, you want your hair to be damage-proof, soft and luscious. To ensure that, mix in same amount of shampoo as that a developed in a bowl with bleach i.e 2:2:1 (shampoo: developer: bleach) and apply to freshly washed dry hair. Make sure your hair contains no prior hair serum or conditioner. Keep it for 30-60 minutes and then rinse it off under water. Repeat the same process until desired hair color is reached.

Coloring your hair:

This part is fairly easy and less time-consuming. Use any permanent hair dye like I use Manic panic hair dye. The effect of such a dye remains for 6 months but color lightens up after every wash so you may need to retouch up the color on bleached hair after 2 months or so. Apply the hair color on bleached hair making sure the color reaches to every single strand. Keep colored hair in foil for good 30 to 50mins. For added intensity use heat (hot setting on blow dryer). Wash it off with cold water. Keep running water through colored hair until water runs clean. And let your hair air dry. Viola! You have yourself beautiful tresses in color of your choice.


You will notice that every time you wash your hair, some color will come off. That is natural. After few hair-washes it will stop.

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