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Your handbag is revealing a lot about you

Decoding a Woman’s Personality through Her Handbag

“Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live.”

—Gianni Versace

Ever wondered that your handbag can actually speak volumes about your personality? Different types of handbags suit different personalities. If you have no idea about this, read on to find out some interesting facts.

What the Different Type of Handbags Reveal

Check out how much is true for you:

Atypical Bags: Women who carry unusual bags like picture handbag, asymmetrical bags with bold and different patterns are usually artistic, flamboyant and confident in nature. According to Eismen, they are emotional, sensitive and high have high regards for relationship and security.

The Shoulder Bag:
Stephanie Pendersen wrote in her book Handbags – ‘What Every Woman Should Know’, “Women who prefer shoulder bags refuse to be a fashion victim”. This says it all, women who love shoulder bags value comfort and practicality over the showbiz and glamor. Their logic based approach makes them a skilled decision-maker.

Tote bags: Pedersen marvelously describes “the wearer is youthful in outlook, with things to do and places to go”. So, if you adorn tote bags, you are definitely fun-loving, ambitious and practical. You want to see the world and create a mark of your own. No wonder you are the busy bee; unassuming and ready to take the life head on.

The Clutch:  If you carry a clutch, you are certainly a woman who is confident about everything in life.You are well organized and know exactly what you require when you step out of your house. You command confidence, value simplicity, and clarity of thoughts.

Under-the-Shoulder Bag: A petite handbag tucked precisely under-the-shoulder connotes sophistication and class. You are sure to carry this if you have a high profile job and want to create a distinct style statement.  Mostly the high-end brands like Gucci, Prada, Fendi offer a variety of this. Although, if you too wish to flaunt this style you can conveniently buy Fendi Replica bag, which will solve the purpose without ripping you off. Another idea is to buy them when your favourite Wallets & Purse is for Sale.

Bags with Embellishments: If people love your company and the word ‘Self- assured’ spells your personality, then your bag will have either lots of zips, funky buckle, or is stone studded and has lots of glitter and shimmers. You love unleashing your wild side and are very impulsive when it comes to taking a decision. You are always ‘in’ for any fun that life offers you.

Oversized Bags: You love being in your comfort zone and quickly create one in any new environment you are exposed to. You are realistic, down –to- earth and cannot let go off people or memories easily. You even rarely swap your bag. You want to stay closer to your loved ones as this gives you a sense of comfort and assurance.


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