Get Well Soon Mira Rajput

Dear Mira Rajput (wife of Shahid Kapoor),

First things first, congratulations on your fairy tale wedding and many more congratulations on your brand new beautiful baby girl. Now that the pleasantries are over and done with, we can totally get down to business! I am generally very busy in my professional life and hardly enjoy the luxury of commenting “Awww” on the super cute pictures of your baby you and your husband keep posting on social media. However, something happened a few days back, which forced me to stay up late at night and draft this heartfelt note; I am sure you are equally busy in being a wife and a mother and may not have time to go through this post so this letter although addressed to you is primarily for showing solidarity with the fellow struggling females whom you addressed “Feminazi”.

Tell me Mira, didn’t you realize for a second that what you were saying was hurtful and insulting when you claimed “I cannot spend an hour with my baby and go to work, this is not why I gave birth, after all it is not a puppy”? Do you think that a Mom who travels in a local train to and fro office and chops vegetables en route any less of a mother? Is love of such a mother for her child lesser than your love for your baby only because this working mom has aspirations different from yours? Are children of such mothers “puppies” just because their moms have a career and identity which is not restricted to being a wife and a mother?

I am not a mother and I am in my early thirties, on top of it I do not have a fairy tale scheduled in near future and as per your standards; people like me should write ourselves off because of lack of “Accomplishment” in the field of being a wife and mom. Now, you may say what do I know about being a mother; because my uterus is redundant not having served its sole purpose of popping babies, I must tell you I do know a thing or two about motherhood. When I see my mom (she is above 60) who wakes up at 5 A.M, gets ready to go to school where she teaches and often when I see the kind of respect she claims from her students, I feel pride in being her daughter because of her dedication towards her job even at this age. When I see my sister leaving behind her daughter to go to work; I know she is raising a woman who is fiercely independent and crazy proud of her mother. When I heard that my friend is leaving behind her toddler son with his grandmother for a month to go abroad on a professional assignment; I knew she is raising her son to be a Man in an environment where working women are not looked down upon.

I must confess, I have been on both the sides; I have been judged and I have judged others and when life brought me to my knees I understood the futility and fatality of being judgmental. Still, I am forced to don my judgy hat because you spewed venom against my tribe of fellow proud Feminazis. So excuse me if my words sound bitter, it is solely because of your obsolete opinions. You ridiculed working moms and called their children puppies. I am sure a lot of people must have called you a gold digger, for you managed to marry a film star. How did it feel, being called that? How would you feel if I say (I hope it is not true) that your current husband has just settled for you because more “accomplished” ones (Kareena Kapoor, Vidya Balan) outrightly rejected him for better alternatives available?

I watched you with your husband on Koffee with Karan Episode for 2 minutes and had to change the channel because what your husband said about you was pukeworthy. He claimed that only reason he married you is because you happen to be the most normal girl he knows and you kept gushing at the statement. Now, if anybody had called me normal on national television I would have kicked that person and would have kicked him hard. He should have married you because you are extraordinary, or atleast because he sees extraordinary in you. But after hearing your ideas on feminism, I second his opinion. You are mediocre at best and totally deserve a husband, who calls you that on national television.

You compared Male Chauvinistic Pigs (MCP) with Feminazis and as per your opinion; a mom chopping vegetables en route from office is a feminazi because she left her kid at home/creche in order to work for his/her better future. Who is MCP? It is a huge definition but let us all accept most basic one to save time: A person who thinks he is superior just because he has a male reproductive system and that is what makes him better than another half of the population. If we apply the same logic to your opinion on the definition of womanhood, just because you were able to give birth by the virtue of possessing a uterus and you are lucky enough to enjoy the luxury of staying back home and you decided not to work at all are you superior to the remaining ones who chose differently? Then who is a Feminazi? A Mom who chops vegetables in local train to make dinner for her child or you? I, who has not given birth yet or you whose only accomplishment, is that you married into money and decided to become a mother?

I have to be equally fair to you, for it is not completely your fault. Why would anybody in their right minds call you to deliver a speech on feminism? There are so many women around who are clearly better alternatives; these women struggled in the past and still struggle for their existence and their dignity. These better alternatives include a mother who has courage to move out of the house to work so that her child can have a better future, a mother who has a career so that her child can look upto her and be proud of her, a mother whose job makes her happy and a happy mom raises a happy child. A woman for whom her identity is not restricted to being a mother & wife could have been called to hear her views or a woman who is happily a mother & wife only but has courage to stand by other women who move out of their houses or maybe a woman who is not a wife neither a mom but is still no less of a woman. So many of these better alternatives were available still organisers chose you.

Face it Meera, you were called to deliver a women’s day speech just because other than possessing a uterus and breasts, you have lots of Manish Malhotra outfits (I am so middle class I cannot even recall anymore designers) and a famous husband. I & Mom chopping veggies did not judge you for being a stay at home mom. I wish you had returned the favor by not judging our choices as well. I hope you raise your daughter to be a better person; a person who does not judge other people’s choices.

Above 30, Not a Wife, Not a Mom but still a Woman (on behalf of all the proud fellow Feminazis)


The author SmirkyFish


  1. Chaar line ke liye 400 line likh di y even pay heed to such statements has it changed any thing for any one let her be. Her statement dosnt demean any proud women but her self so… chill

    1. I agree with you… But at times calling out the bluff on such regressive opinions is necessary…. Although person holding those opinions is unlikely to change but the rest of us can find some comfort in solidarity…. And this calling out of bluff sometimes takes 400 or more lines for what could be summed up in 4 lines… Thanks for keeping patience and going through all these lines… Will try and keep the verbose “Feminazis” in check the next time…

      1. I respect your post. All I wanted to ask is where was this “Feminism” when Priyanka Chopra gave a statement like “I don’t need a guy for anything except for children” why didn’t anyone wrote any letter then? Maybe because she is way out of reach and mybe because Mira is not a celebrity so she is an easy target?! Not saying she is right but we had to move on with our lives as this wouldn’t affect anyone but our own mind.

        1. Hi…
          Thanks a lot for going through the post and finding time to leave behind a response. I totally agree with you… Objectification of any human be it a man or a woman is completely wrong n I do not endorse wat Priyanka Chopra said..For a woman motherhood is just a part of her identity and similarly ability to bring a child is just a part of identity of a man and not a complete picture…. But I hope you would empathize with my stand.. Moreover oppression of women has been for so long that every little victory is glorified in leaps n bounds to compensate the oppression and it’s unfair to men…being a woman, my natural instinct is to stand by when any woman is targetted by a woman herself or a man.. I acknowledge my shortcoming that my response towards issues related to men arise only when you drew my attention towards it.. n it has nothing to do with celebrity status of either of the women.. thanks for giving me next idea to work upon… Please visit us again soon and we will not disappoint you…

          1. Hi Smirky Fish :),

            To start With , love you and love the way u have given it to her. She indeed had a fairytale life and so she thinks what she thinks. We expected her to be sensible girl may be , and thats y we kind of surprised . Hands down Girl ..cheers to you .I think you just spoke for all of us here and as i said , its not only Mira rajput here .,.lot of Mira’s who might not talk about it , but do feel that working woman are piece of shit. I have a daughter , 4 years now in INDIA , I work in DOHA and i had to leave her back home at my moms house because my inlaws refused to support me in my crisis ( Read – Lost my job ) .When i look back , i still cant believe i did this , i could sail through this turmoil and being judged all the time , hearings things like..lietra;lly ” Ghar to sambhalta nahi , kya karegi ..chod ke gayi bache ko pati ko…ye to mera beta hai ki divorce nahi de raha ” I mean i used to work 16 hrs shift and the hrs I came back home wud just go crying waiting for a friday when i could see IRA. I could write and my misery wud not end .Cutting the story short , that they never ever understood how i was staying away from my daughter , was a war within me…but all i was offered was coldness , insensitivity and ignorance. There were times i would think i am gonna die, i cant take this but we often underestimate ourselves…the driving force comes fro ur kids smile and wen u see her future is your responsibility. And i exactly knows what happens when someone runs away from their, and to all the working women ..they all have more sense of responsbility and thts y they are all out ..away from kid…Love them all…and thankyou darling..u made me feel better, like i was not the one who felt insulted at these remarks. Hoping to hear more from your end ..WIshing you all the best 🙂

          2. Hi Sujata,

            First of all hang in there girl… I promise you IRA would grow up to be an amazingly beautiful and smart woman who is crazy proud and madly in love with her mom who has been through so much just so give Ira a life she is entitled to and deserves.. the pain you are going through I can not even begin to comprehend, being let down by your own family but your future with your baby and respect bin her eyes for you is worth the current temporary pain….
            Thanks for showing so much love and appreciating my article… Do visit us again.. we would love to hear your opinions on other issues as well… I hope you liked other articles also…. Find us on Facebook and stay in touch always….

            Lots of love and power to you and loads of love and hugs to Ira 😊

        2. When majority men bring home women for nothing but washing dishes and producing children, why is Priyanka’s statement so objectionable?

          1. Hi Tanya,
            I agree with you that life has not been fair to us and majority of men do treat us lesser than wat we are entitled to. But I feel even though life did not treat us fairly we have it in ourselves to be fair to life and that also includes minority of the men who stand up for us and for what is right…
            Thanks a lot for going through the post and finding time to respond. Do visit us again, we would love to hear your opinions on other issues as well.

      2. Why do you find it so offensive , does she represent a union of working or non working mothers? I don’t think this article was required at all, it was her personal view and you took it personally, I hope you get the msg

  2. Media should be more aware in choosing people in their show. People who don’t have life experience value are called out to make opinio In the society.High brand Mira Rajput is recognized merely by her husband, Her expressions are based on punny life experience.

  3. Well said… happy mom raises happy child…
    Dear Mira…May be you are very ordinary girl and just managed to marry with a film star and since you have no guts to face counter star’s wife hence probably to defend urself u must have made such statement. My mother worked entire her life and I am a proud daughter and wish to be like her…would love to manage family and career both together and transfer same thought to next generation to work hard and make family proud. I thought may be our generation is understanding and feeling proud on working mother but I was wrong and truth is still people like u exist. Such statements reflects your personality. And one more thing it just doesn’t matter whether a women is working or not this should be her own choice and a strong, sensible women anyways can raise a good human being.

  4. Does Mrs. Mira knows what it takes to earn a living for herself or a family…with or without kids? If she had any real education about life, she wouldn’t have been so judgemental….feel pity for her daughter…If the mother’s thoughts are so narrow, don’t know what that li’l soul will imbibe….or she too will be brought up just to face the camera or marry into another filmi khandaan 🙁

  5. We should not take her seriously ,she has nothing to do …expect raising her child…she is not properly educated neither she has any talent and skill…so she will be at home only…Bitter but truth

  6. shahid Kapoor is no less. In an interview he said “I am proud of what Mira said. people just create a fuss out of everything. Mira is now a celebrity and should get used to such criticism” Mr.Shahid, let me tell you an untold truth …Mira isn’t a celebrity, her husband is. That too I don’t remember her husband’s last blockbuster hit !! If a man becomes a celeb by giving a few flop movies then I think you should change ur concept of a celeb! When u are in yourself a flop, how can your wife be a celeb and speak whatever comes out of her immature little brain?

    1. Sorry Neha…wont agree with you at all…We used to hear this kind of comments everywhere in our daily life. Not only from men but from women also as MIRA said have you seen any protest? I haven’t seen any protest when Mrs Rina Talwar quotes to my wife ” You should stay with your husband and leave your dream for your family”. Now who is Rina Talwar? Do you know her? Of course you are not aware of her comments even if she posts such comments in social media you might not get that interest to comment on. On the other hand this post and comments all aware about what ‘abcd’ MIRA has posted. In our society MEDIA called those persons a celebrity whom we know by name. We means 1000s of people like us and yes by this defenition MIRA is a celebrity. This post, our comments, our interest on what she said, made her a celebrity.

  7. Thanks a lot for your love and response guys….
    In addition to the thoughts already expressed, I believe Mira should actually think about getting a puppy herself… It is very likely that a furry baby may be able to expand her heart… 🙂

  8. Smirkyfish, proud of you for writing all that down and being vocal about it. Each of those “400 lines” are worth it. Anyone who is speaking on a public platform needs to consider and reconsider each word that is going to be spoken out loud. Do you really mean what it implies?? Do you actually understand what your words imply?? Celebrity/non-celebrity nobody should be casting aspersions on others’ intentions and decisions. In fact what Meera has said really plants her firmly in the Juvenile category for me. As for Shahid supporting her statement..better brains were expected from him. But it looks like “Two of a kind” here. So it’s “Get Well Soon” and “Grow Up” too to Meera.

    1. Thanks a lot for your appreciation 😊
      And all the more thanks for standing by the 400 lines….
      Somehow Mira managed to offend women (mom or no mom), babies and puppies all at once…. Like you said; hope she grows up apart from getting well 😊

      1. Smirkyfish, you have nailed the thoughts. It takes a lot for a mother to stay away from her child and keep working, yet she comeback’s from her busy day and takes care of her children. Hats off to such lovelymothers 🙂

        Really felt disheartened with the thoughts Mrs Shahid Kapoor expressed on such a illustrous platform on “International Womens Day”. Guess, organisers made it too early to call Meera as she’s yet to go through all these experiences. While she’s fortunate to get it all in her platter, there are still many mighty multifaceted women who could have expressed a better defination of what today’s women is capable of and her existance in life.
        Mr Shahid Kapoor, understand that you’re covering up what your spouse said, but also appreciate the fact that you had a working mom too. It will then help you understand how grass on the other side looks like !!
        You’re lucky couple that you dont have to witness the hurdles and painstaking life what a working mother goes through. Given an option even they would like to stay back with their kids, it all depends upon various factors and you may not even know what the severity of the situation is.
        On a concluding note while its your individualistic opinion also appreciate the fact behind the efforts that other strata of women take to bring the best of life to their children and family altogether.
        Think in a wiser way, words once said cannot be taken back. Hope you guyz take this experience in a positive way 🙂

        1. Thanks a lot for understanding the emotion behind what was written… When I see so many like minded women standing up for each other I feel a little less scared and a lot more hopeful for a woman like me…
          And beautifully expressed ideas by you… 😊

  9. Meera Forgot that her mother in Law is also a working woman and mother..In Fact all her mother in laws…

  10. Dear Mira, since you are Mrs.Shahid Kapoor people have so much time to waste on your personal statement, would it had been a random housewife sharing her perspective on being a mother nobody would have come back with comments. Don mind them enjoy your time with family and specially little one.

    1. True Mira…..dont mind the backbiting women..who try to believe that a career makes them a stronger woman somehow.They want to not be called judgemental so every few lines ,they want to will say we do not want to judge you but are forced to do so. I dont know where and how they get off judging a celebrity or non celebrity wife. Every human being has a million battles to face and every single one faces their fair share.Who am i to question you amd who are u to question Mira or me or any other woman.Totally undignified amd uncalled for .You seem to have wasted your sleep writing this piece because your very response shows your jealousy and highhandedness in seeking out a celebrity wife and firing away without reason.She didnt speak about or target one person, its her opnion she may speak for somebody known to her or an experience she had.And the last time I checked we live in a democratic country.So stop lashing out at people for a one off statement they make.

      1. Hi!!!
        Nobody judged her for being a stay at home mom… She was judged because of her opinions and her judgements on working moms… If she had only been talking about herself n her own baby it would have been okay… If only children of working women were not compared to puppies… Although I claim it is very likely that I including a lot of other people who stand by my opinion may have misinterpreted her speech but since there was no retraction or clarification as well with her husband joining the opinion; it appears that what we understood was correct… My or any other working woman’s career does not make us strong. Career is just one part of a million things that makes us amazing just like marriage and babies are just a part of our identity and not the whole picture… Our strength lies in solidarity and standing together against regressive opinions which try to bring us down…

        1. Applause!!Keep going ,u r Making us proud with every word u nailed.all the best,n thanz again to make me feel proud working Mom,…..

          1. Hi Shruti !!!!

            Thanks for the applause… There are some many curses floating around me although sound of applause is louder and sweeter than the curses…. We would love to hear your opinion on other articles as well… Do visit us again…Cheers to girl power 🙂

  11. Bravo…I am a mom and a homemaker and i loved the way this article is written. Mira was remembered for shahid and now she is totally banned because of herself. Poor shahid and their daughter who has a wife and mom with such ridiculous mentality and the audacity to utter foolishness with full pride.

    1. Thanks a lot for going through and understanding the emotion behind this article.. we need a lot more women like you who understands and stand by those of us who have either decided to work either coz of necessity or coz of aspirations…. We all stand by you in your decision as well… A lot of power to you and loads of love to the kids… 😊

  12. She spoke about “Feminazi” which is equivalent to a “MCP” No idea what you are trying defending about a feminazi (not a feminist). Also the key in her statement is “this is not why I gave birth”. Do you see the “I” right in the centre of the sentence. Its about her. Not about you. So don’t get your pantys in a twist. Good day.

    1. Had she ended her speech at “this is not why I gave birth” it would not be offensive. But she went ahead and claimed ” it is not a puppy” that is wat was offensive as if working moms leaving behind babies consider their kids as puppies. That was precisely the whole point of my article. What she said was not her personal opinion as it covered a lot of women .

      P.S. thanks for showing concern, good thing about cotton granny panties is that they are mostly comfortable and not that twisty….

      Good day to you too

  13. Great Lines … Great Article ..Great stand ….
    But We should not take these things or just a line that seriously …Bharat bhibhintaao ka desh hain or yahan bheen bheen prakar ke prani payein jatein hain ..

    1. Thanks a lot for your appreciation and kind words… It’s true that we should not take such people seriously but I believe that calling out their bluff is often necessary… It will not change their opinions I guess but rest of us may find some strength in solidarity…

  14. There are two ways to look at it. First, women who want to work and second who have to work to make a living. Mrs Mira would understand none of the above since she is still living in ancient era where men bring food n women carry babies. To all the ladies out there, it’s worthless to even listen to this woman. We are our own hero and she just owns a hero. So cheers!!

  15. Seriously.. you still crying about it. Why can’t you just let it go. She didn’t call you or anyone’s baby a puppy. She was just expressing what she feels about motherhood. Why are you complaining about what she feels about herself? She got money and fame so she could afford fairytale life. What is your problem in that.

    1. Exactly! Get a life. There are better things to worry about. Like how to cure this OBSESSION of yours towards Mira

  16. Moreover, in case you are really really disturbed that she was invited for speaking on ‘Feminism’, could you please explain why you address here as “” Wife of Shahid Kapoor”” ? SO you won’;t be sane minded for people who you think have offended you? If she isn’t as learned about the holy Bible of Feminism that you have mastered, is it right to present such a cheap stunt to level scores?

  17. Dear Smirkyfish

    Your family and you must be proud of you for the choices you made.
    Just as you made a choice to put your career first Meera Rajput and countless other women have made a choice to become mothers and parent their children full time. I don’t think it was her or anyone else’s intent to negate what working women have to go through to get through the day.
    **There are women who have children just to fit into society,to prove to the world that they are not members of an unspecified gender.** People like that have no interest in raising the child they feel that their job was done at pushing. I was raised by a well educated lady who had the same opinion.

    Raising children is a big responsibility. It’s really appreciable that now we are a society that accepts non traditional choices.
    Please don’t go around slamming women for being mothers they feel horrible too, not having an income.Women who have to work because they need the income feel guilty about leaving their children. Women who choose career over children might feel that they missed out on something.
    Beyoncé is not a goddess for having children. The lady who left her kids in daycare is not lazy… a child is not a plant to be dumped at convenience.

    1. Hi Mom of Two,
      Thanks a lot for going through the post and taking time out to leave a response. It pains me to see that you felt I am slamming stay at home moms for not having a career. I repeat that having a job is just one of the million things about being a woman. The only person I was offended with was Ms Rajput that too not for the choices she made but coz of “afterall it is not a puppy” statement. Had she finished her speech at “this is not why I gave birth” I would never have slammed her at all. However calling a human kid a puppy is not derogatory for me personally because I am myself a mom to a furry baby but Mira’s intent behind comparing human kids to puppies was found derogatory by me and a lot other moms (including stay at home moms as well).

      Please understand that I would never bring a woman down for either of the things be it absence of job, absence of husband or absence of kid. I find support in solidarity and it hurts me to see an important part of that group like you guys getting offended for something I did not even mean neither did I write. I clearly stated that a woman who is happily a wife and mother only but has courage to stand by those who choose career would have been a much better alternative than Mira.

      I again apologize if your sentiments got hurt because I could not convey my message properly. I would never hurt any mom and I would never hesitate from hurting anyone who brings shame to power of choice by addressing children of working women as puppies.

      Wish a lot of power to you and loads of love to kids.

  18. Who is Meera Rajput?? Oh Shahid’s wife! I guess the girl who got married at 21 (hardly after completing basic education) became mother at 22-23. The girl who’s lime light is biproduct of her husband’s so called stardum… A girl who grow up in a wealthy family n married heart throb… I don’t see any of these identities that are self made… As that of a working mother working to support family, or working to maker her own identity. Hello MRS. SHAHID KAPOOR…. It takes guts to create own identity as a woman, as a mother or as a working mother…. n l guess you won’t understand who has borrowed entire perspective of your identity. Your statement reflects your conservative thought process.

    1. Hi Asawari,

      Thanks a lot for going through the post and finding time to leave a response. It is really painful to see one immature statement hurt so many people at once.. but good thing is it is times like these when our solidarity is tested and reaffirmed which makes it stronger… Please do visit us again and we would love to hear your inputs on other issues as well .. till then cheers to girl power 🙂

      1. You go girl… True I am a single mom(my husband didn’t take responsibility of my child expenses) so I had to go back to work when she was 3 months old. I took her responsibility and take care fo her with support of my mother alone. Who is she to judge us. Love you. Keeping doing a great job.

        1. Hey Shriddha!!!!
          Thanks for sharing your story girl… I must say that yesterday I got really disheartened after reading comments from this guy who called some really mean stuff to working women n their families ( go through the comments section n you will hear wat I m saying)… I am pained with your story, having been let down by the one man who was supposed to mean a world to you is something I completely empathize with you … But the kind of strength you have exhibited I wish I had half of it…. I may not know you personally but their r 2 things I promise to you; you can always reach out to me… Second and most importantly you are going to be very happy and your daughter will grow up to be an amazingly wonderful woman with lots of love and respect for you…
          Wish you a lots of love and power and loads of love and hugs to the baby…

  19. it’s easy when you are free-loading on your husband. What about all the women who go to work and bring in an income so their families can lead a comfortable life. Everyone does not have the luxury of choice.

  20. Oh well! I feel sorry for the person penning the retort! She definitely needs to get well soon!

    I am a working woman who has scaled different heights which many cannot imagine or digest. I continue to do that! But, my mom is a housewife/homemaker . My respect for her has grown tremendously after I became a mother. I feel my upbringing made me who I am today , startling fellow humans whose mom’s were working!

    So, I do not know if I am delivering as much as my mom did, in her role as a “mom”!

    Poor Mira mentioned her point of view.The new mom would be so hurt with all the crazy comments. May God heal her!

    1. I join your prayer to heal her…. Although I repeat my stand is not against her choice to remain a stay at home mom…. My stand is against the fact that she brought down working moms by addressing their kids as puppies…. In addition to prayer for her healing, I also pray for millions of working moms who got offended with this statement of hers

  21. What you wrote is absolutely correct. But unfortunately my thoughts do not match with your thoughts.I am not against working women my Mother too is working and I have been in creche ever since I was 2 yrs Old And according to me keeping a child away from you for such a long time at this tender age just to earn money is not right. It is only feasible when the mother is a single mother and has no other means of income. But if the husband is well to do the women can take a break at least till the child reaches 4 yrs of age.After this she can work once the child starts going to school. The child does not become independent rather starts hating the parent and disrespect them. No one other than a mother can take good care of a young child which may result in malnutrition. Improper growth etc.I have gone through all this. There was a time when I was so irritated that I used to shout on my parents. My parents too regret Now that they could not see my growing. They could not enjoy my childhood. Even I could not. So I support Meera Rajput. And the comment which Shahid Kapoor Gave Was not wrong. For a superstar like him he would have many female fans mad behind him and many girls ready to marry him. But Meera treated him like a normal human and not as a superstar. He means she is extraordinary it does not mean that he should have used the word extraordinary he meant she is simple and has simplicity.

    1. Hi Richa !!!

      Thanks a lot for going through the article and for finding time to leave behind your opinion. I feel for you as you believe you missed out on the growing up part of your childhood… However, my stand is not at all against Mira Rajput ‘s choice of remaining a stay at home mom… I totally support her choice.. it is just that like I support her choice of being a stay at home mom, I also support choice of many other working moms as well… Comparing children of such mothers with puppies was a bit too crass and I felt I should stand up for the tribe of working moms choosing to work for whatever reasons… Had any working mom said anything of this sort against stay at home moms I would have raised their issues with equal enthusiasm as well… Do let me know what you think about this…

  22. I don’t think she meant to hurt anyone she was merely expressing her own opinion and what works for her. You or anyone else should not feel so offended by her statements. It’s what works for her and may not work for you…no need to get defensive.

  23. My Ma was transferred to Madras when I was in grade 1 and it was my dad who took care of me till she came back, 2 years later and then, again, she was transferred to Bangalore when I was in grade 12 (BOARDS), another crucial year of my life when she wasn’t around during my exams preps, nonetheless she managed to make it during my exams.

    Neither did my Father nor did I look at it as ‘straying from her responsibilities’ instead we took (and still do) absolute pride in seeing her balancing well between family and work where she achieved the level of an AGM – HR with a National Bank. Her hard work, fierce attitude and focus was just to the point and today when she is not with us, I am extremely thankful to my ‘Working Mother’ who very subtly taught me the importance of being an independent woman, having my own money and following my aspirations.

    Daughter of a ‘Late-Working Mother’

    1. Hi Tanya!!

      The kind of love and respect you have for your mom clearly shows what an amazing personality she was. I wish to have a child someday who looks up to me and talks about me just the way you are talking about your mom. Thanks for sharing your story, it has really moved me. Give a big thanks and a bigger hug to your Dad for supporting your supermom throughout.. we need many many many more men like your Dad, women like your mom and children like you.

      Thanks for finding time to leave a response. Do visit us again and we would love to hear about your opinions on other issues as well…

      With lots of love to you and your Dad and lots of Prayers for your Supermom,

      Daughter of ‘Late superdad who stood by working mom and working daughters’

  24. I think people are way too into interpreting about what she said, I am a working women too but I don’t think that’s any offensive .She was talking about how she feels about her baby but that no way means she is looking down upon working women , Did you read the whole interview what she said later?

  25. Wow! Bold writing! Smirkyfish I like your style.. ! 😉
    Thanks a ton for speaking up on behalf of all the working women and working moms!!
    Giving such a stupid statement on a public platform shows how immature the lady is. It’s hard to decide whom to feel more sorry for, Shahid Kapoor, or the baby..
    Really hope she grows up.

    1. Hi Rajashree,

      Thanks a lot for leaving behind such kind words of appreciation…. I hope you visit us again… We are stylish people here 😉

  26. I have to say you (aurthor) are dumb and immature, your response has many loop holes! except for the comeback on the puppy statement – everything else you said was rubbish.

    1. Hi Kalpesh !!!
      Thanks for going through the entire post even though it was dumb and immature…. And finding time to leave a response… Do visit us again soon… I could really use your feedback on other issues as well…

      Immature, Dumb and loopholed Smirkyfish

      1. Yes i went through the whole article, that is why i am able to label it and come up with an analysis. You are trying to act cool and behaving as if this is not affecting you….but that is just your facade, underneath you are lonely, insecure, and unhappy. The reality is that you do not care of other persons opinions and way of life – i won’t be surprised if you are having hard time dealing with people. If you were seriously interested in listening to other persons feedback then you would have asked why did i call it rubbish, or immature or dumb. But you won’t ask – you want to think very highly of yourself – because that helps you hide your insecurities and fears from other people and cope up with your life – we all have our way to defend ourselves – isn’t it. Be truthful to yourself atleast – you know you have been extremely judgmental, accept it and apologise to the the lady you have bashed.

        Love you more,
        Kalpesh (Just Kalpesh – that’s my real name)

        1. Hi Kalpesh,

          Thanks again for the response… It did affect me and it does pain me a lot when sensitive guys like you misinterpret my stand…. I understand y u called it rubbish and immature that is y I did not ask you…. I repeat… I did not and would not judge Mira or any other stay at home for the choices they make…But Yes I have been judgemental (acknowledged very humbly in the article itself) not for the choices she made but for the words she used for children of working moms…. Whatever you said about my insecurities and fears would have been impeccably correct had these statements been made a decade back….. But today I don’t have to act cool..My insecurities and fears have brought me to a place where I m always cool and eager to learn from everyone.. When I said I would love to hear your opinions on other issues as well it was not on account of my high headedness but my unquenchable thirst to improve as a writer and as a person…. I really hope you do visit us again and leave response on other issues as well….

          Because I love the names you called me I am choosing to keep them…
          Hoping to hear from you again… With lots of Love…
          Immature Dumb Loopholed Smirkyfish

        2. Why are words like judgmental, attitude and feedback misinterpreted here and otherwise?

          To be honest, I am a judgmental person and I don’t shy away from saying so. We all use a facade and judge before we let out our vulnerable selves. Here, directly pointing out to someone’s personal life is offensive, and mind you (very politely) Mr. Just Kalpesh (quite a name) I said offensive without forming a good or bad opinion about your statement.

          Lastly, would Ms. Rajput Kapoor apologize for calling kids of working mothers, puppies? I thoroughly doubt that, so I guess Ms. ‘Unhappy, Insecure & Lonely’ Author of this ‘Rubbish Article’ need not go back on her words.

          1. Hi Tanya,

            Thanks for standing up by me girl… Like I also said I have been judgemental… Not of her choices but of her words and am taking nothing back..I stand by every word I wrote in that “rubbish article”…😊

            I feel proud that my article has touched so many moms ( working or not) positively and if names like Dumb and Insecure from some people come as a tag along… I would happily and proudly wear it…. 😊

            Thanks once again for showing solidarity….

            Lots of Love and Hugs,
            Smirky (for just Kalpesh I am still immature Dumb and loopholed Smirkyfish)

  27. Who are you to decide what opinion another woman has on working mothers?

    You are no better than her! Just blabbering your story like thats the universal standard.

    You have a terrible feminazi complex and find the need to protect that by rebeling against anything that you classify as “normal”! 🙄

    1. Is normal the new extraordinary? When did that happen? N it was not my story I blabbered like I said I am not a Mom… The story was on behalf of millions of working moms struggling to live and some people looking down upon them…

    2. Unfortunately, I fail to understand the word, FEMINAZI. I have hardly been able to get over the ‘misinterpreted’ ideology of FEMINISM these days but this word (feminazi) is kind of freaky.

      Yup, this 21-22 year old is quite a normal woman and would’ve been just one of us (commenting on this ‘rubbish article’ which people STILL choose to read) if she were not the wife of a film star. I believe and am sure, you (Mr. Ajay), would have better things to do in life than respond to a ‘FEMINAZISTIC VIEW and BLABBER’.

  28. I regret that you judged and that Mira can not have an opinion. Your opinion is obsessed with only absurd feminism. It is her choice! I am proud as a human that a woman has given more importance to motherhood than to work. She chose for it for she can afford to be what she wants. Comparing her with those struggling in train is not fair, Mangoes vs. tomatoes. She certainly spoke in context of her standing and people of same standing. Everyone lives life in the available means but its fashionable now to first be consumerist then focus and spend entire time and effort on collecting things one does not actually need. Working is not a need or compulsion anymore, its impulsive . Think of a life a century back, were people not happy. Sheep heard!!
    Heard of conspiracy theory? We are all falling for a trap laid by a few corporates. Mere puppets, that is all what we are! Tell me what is more important than human relation? What is more spritual than child parent relationship? One has to read between the lines and in the context! She comes from Chattarpur so she’s certainly not a gold digger (if you know Chattarpur?) and perhaps Normal is the new extra ordinary. If your uterus is redundant its a choice or compulsion? Or things din’t just work for you? What would your sister’s toddler ideally choose full time mother or working mother? Who asks the kid? Kids either don’t have right to choose and even if they do would that choice be respected. Do you really think all Mira wanted to do is demean an entire class? Thats why they made Koffee with Karan and Mira Rajput! Crow shit!

    And NO I am not a Chauvinist Male Pig, I am a father who knows that his kid needs both the parents to be available for him as and when required. I am father who thinks there’s nothing more important than this kid or any kid for that. I am a human who thinks one must have the gift of god only if both he and she think that the gift is the god himself.

    Now I appreciate that while you want to sell your product/writing, That you want to make a living! Copy paste “10 Habbits to change one’s life” but Please do not write and balloon out of proportion what an candy of a (not so) celebrity. Subject and content, are hero You know!
    #FocusPositiveImpact #FocusBetterWorld
    #23.30 HoursBackFromWork #NowIts 2.30
    #Love #Respect

    1. Hi Nimish!!!

      Thanks a lot for going through the post and all the more thanks for finding time to leave behind a response….. Like I said I did not and would not judge Mira for her choice of remaining a stay at home mom…. Had she restricted her opinions on her choices all would be better…. But she went ahead and claimed that her reason for not to work is “after all it is not a puppy” as if children of working moms are puppies…. Had it been some working mom passing derogatory comments on children of stay at home moms if would have taken up the issue with equal zeal. I hope I am now able to convey that my argument was not in favour or against a mom deciding to work after having a baby.. my argument was that of choice and respect of the choice from opposite party… Like I said no body judged Mira for being a stay at home mom and if only she would have returned the favour by not calling children of working moms puppies…I congratulate you and your wife and your kid on you not being an MCP… I do not consider Mira as a celebrity… I have been writing for quite some time now and am myself confused to see that out of all the issues I raised, this article has been most successful may be coz of apparent celeb status of the subject…. Since you wondered about redundancy of my uterus being on account of choice or compulsion… It’s sort of none and sort of both… When choices go wrong they often turn into compulsion… I have a full time job and am not dependent on selling of my product and would never ever copy and paste to meet my objective least still from some threadbare self help books…..

      But I do thank you once again for finding time to leave a response… Do visit us again… We would love to hear from you on other issues (none related to celebs or pseudo celebs) as well…


      1. Of course kids need attention and especially in the crucial years, however, I feel the patterns of raising one matters than just a working or non-working status. I have seen kids of homemakers going berserk, insulting their mothers for being one and kids of working women being fiercely independent and strong AND VICE VERSA. Either ways, it depends on the upbringing of children and not a working status.

        And, yes, considering the fact Mr. Nimish that she belongs to Chattarpur (a place I do not know of) I understand she hasn’t been exposed to the subject communication sensitivity which does not give anyone a nod to demean others’ choices.

        Love & Respect,
        Daughter of a Working Mother

  29. Well written. I agree with most of it especially were writer tells ‘We have not judged you. So please do not judge us’.
    I am a working mother and I am raising a “puppy”in Meera’s own words. My mother is a homemaker and I have started to appreciate my mom being a home maker after having a baby. I now know how difficult It is to manage house and baby and doing justice to both is not possible. If I too had the luxurious life I don’t think I would mind spending all the time with my baby. but we have to make career choices for various reasons.

    1. Hi Shobhita,

      I hope you find strength and love in yourself for never once feeling any less of a mom for working in order to provide a better life for your baby.. trust me when I say your kid will respect you for whatever choices you make for yourself or your family.. you are working so that your kid may have a luxurious life which you missed out upon and that is the power and love of a mom… She can leave behind a piece of her heart for her child….

      Lots of power and love to you and loads of love and hugs for the baby…

  30. Hi above 30..!! I dont have any issues with your or anybodys thoughts.. After all its all about how you or others have seen their life.. just want to ask you, as you said your mom is “ABOVE 60” and still teaching.. In which school? What about the retirement age??

    1. It’s not a government school ….. N she is not a government teacher….. It’s a private school where you can teach as long as you are fit and are willing to if you are good at your job…. This is how private schools work… In fact my physics teacher was 66 when I was in 12th standard..And was my favourite.. just like my mom is for so many children….. 😊

  31. Mira : Please don’t go and give speeches here and there, your baby is not a puppy, this is not why you gave birth to her!! Your lines back to you.

  32. Hi.
    Everyone has their own set of priorities in life and which may not match with the surroundings. That’s absolutely ok to choose and set your priorities, whether it’s higher education or a career or being a home-maker or a full time Mom.
    It depends on what’s your focus is and more important is what makes you happy & feel grateful about your life in person.
    I feel Mira’s statement must have been very personal about her own priority. She must have spoken about her focus in life specifically and not a general statement For every female.
    It is not right to drag someone’s personal statement (about her in person) to any extent just because she belongs to a celebrity family.
    Everyone has the right to choose the kind of life one wants to live.
    Maybe Mira chose to be a home maker and a full time Mom, as her priority in life and that’s absolutely okay, if it is giving her all the happiness.
    Rather respect her choice, as, not all females are able to it happily what Mira is doing.
    Thank You

    1. Hi Anuja ,

      Good Morning :). I agree with you, its her personal choice to voice her opinion but i think none of us here are offended because she is not working and is home . Its all about how she judged the working womens,,that we all breeding puppies here and so thts quite not nice to say. Also i think even dogs love their puppies , they don have kids to play for an hour and ignore the rest of day. She said tht didnt have kid to play for an hour, Does she know , that people who have puppy , love them like their kids .they hate if someone calls them dogs and here we have educted people calling kids as in same rank as PUPPY..tht too good for entertainment not fair , i think. Have a good day !

  33. Personally I don’t like this post for the one reason that if she judged people, you judged her too. We don’t have to get to the other person’s level to prove our point, it’s not fair how you say she married for money, you’re pointing a finger on another woman’s character which is not what feminism is about. I don’t support this puppy statement of hers at all, but in that interview she did also say that she respect woemn who choose not to do this and make theor own cjoices, you have to understand celebrities come with PR teams and she didn’t, she was not givem enough time to frame her thoughts in a way that it wouldn’t hurt anyone’s sentiments. I’m not supporting her- I’m giving her the benefit of doubt. Saying that you agree with Shahid and she is mediocre, it’s all a low blow man, don’t do that. Women have gotta stand together, if we keep pointing fingers and humiliating each other this way, It won’t do much for feminism and the unity that we need. No hard feelings

    1. Hey Mehr,

      Feminism has been criminalized for it’s misuse though. Considering giving her the benefit of doubt for calling kids (of working women) puppies in the spur of the moment makes sense, nonetheless, Feminazi does not really sound abrupt.

      No offense intended, I’m just sharing my opinions while respecting yours.


  34. Well writer’s objective has been met. She is getting loads of attention. Once again its proved that ‘we’ have become intolerant and its kinda fashion to become intolerant these days. I totally agree with Mr. Nimish “Comparing her with those struggling in train is not fair, Mangoes vs. tomatoes. She certainly spoke in context of her standing and people of same standing”

  35. I agree with you in pieces but what I think is Meera shared her way of living but didn’t say working women like us are wrong. Yes, her “Feminazistic” way of saying wasn’t​ correct as maybe because she doesn’t originally belong to a community who is comfortable with media interaction. Above all, she hasn’t​ been doing any good for us or the society so that we should take her seriously. Meera hasn’t experienced what we are experiencing and we haven’t​ experienced what she has.

    And about Shahid, for him, maybe he tried to explain that a girl not from a cinema Industry is normal and that normalcy can be extraordinary for him.

    PS.: I’m not a Meera Rajput’s fan or lawyer 😂😁😀

  36. Hey smirky fish, well done girl! I love how you stated points.. I frankly read the first line and I was like another post about Mira and her small and illogical comments she made ?sighhh But I love you girl.. haha it makes me so happy that I had the opportunity to read your article.. but I am a 24 year old working woman who bought home a puppy and when I read the post I was like WTF she isn’t a puppy that I can leave her home ? Are u out of your mind ? How can you like seriously ? i leave my puppy home not cause I lik it, just so that I can make a living for myself and to give him the luxury.. also when you go the sets, visit the awards show with your husband aren’t you leaving your child ? Oh how can u forget about her Mira, she’s not a ‘puppy’ and I don’t see her pictures with u or your husband ? And oh the famous party you organised for your husbands birthday ? Wasn’t it a disturbance for her then after all she’s not a ‘puppy’

    1. Hey Swetha
      Thanks girl for the love…. I could really use some after being misinterpreted by some of us… Cheers to the girl power and the fur power….

      Lots of love to you and to your furry baby

  37. Dear Smirkyfish,
    I can understand that Mira’s comments can come across negative to some women and I get it that you are offended by Mira’s comment around kids being compared to puppies and thats what provoked you to write this article. I am a working mother and I respect stay at home moms just as much as working moms. I’m not offended by Mira’s statement for I think she’s just speaking for herself. May be she could have avoided the word “puppies”, but still I don’t feel the urge to bash her for that.
    You may justify your lengthy article over the word ”puppies”, but as an unbiased reader, I see it as an attack against someone who is trying to justify their personal choice. And its not just you, a few others too have attacked her over her statement. Why do we always have to be judgmental and yield to our urge to respond to others’ choice of words? This kind of harsh criticism over one’s personal opinions and choices isn’t healthy and shall only curtail freedom of speech. Do you really feel your article is going to encourage stay at home moms to speak up on how they feel and voice their opinions without fear of being humiliated, especially after your undermining statements like “ ..or you whose only accomplishment, is that you married into money and decided to become a mother? “
    You must know that many working women consider stay at home moms as inferior. I have met such women and I hope you have some eyeopening articles for such opinionated working women too.
    Some of your statements are just outright rude “..that your current husband has just settled for you because more “accomplished” ones (Kareena Kapoor, Vidya Balan) outrightly rejected him for better alternatives available? “ Seriously? You have responded to others here indicating that you regard stay at home mothers. If you really did, I think you would have thought twice before writing such statements. How better is your comment from Mira’s?
    Let me remind you that the so called Kareena Kapoor whom you called “accomplished “ suggested ‘being a housewife’ as an alternate career for Sonakshi Sinha on the show “Koffee with Karan”. Did that comment of Kareena not make you lose sleep and write an article? Why? Is that because she is “accomplished” ?

    While you may think you are taking sides for all the working women who you presumably thought would be offended by Mira’s statement, your own statements are very offensive and derogatory. “Now, if anybody had called me normal on national television I would have kicked that person and would have kicked him hard. He should have married you because you are extraordinary” – So what exactly is the message you are sending across? That its not okay for a girl to be normal or that men should only marry extraordinary women ? Whats wrong with being ordinary and normal? And, what exactly do you mean by extraordinary? Do we want to be treated as if we were queens? I thought we were striving hard to be equal. I’m sorry but I cannot help thinking about your personality now when you say you would kick a man hard just because he called you ordinary/normal. Is this the kind of example we want to set as modern women? Is this what feminism and women empowerment is about? I began reading your article with no inclination on any side, but I’d like to admit that by the end of it, you almost made me agree with Mira’s statement that the new wave of feminism is indeed getting aggressive and destructive.

    1. Hi Sangster!!!

      Thanks a lot for going through the post and all the more thanks for finding time to leave a response… Since I see that you have already identified that I claimed it was the puppy statement which provoked me and not her choice of remaining a stay at home mom… Although it pains me to see that you have doubts about my stand when it comes to respect I have from stay at home moms… I will definitely work on it and I hope you like my next write up on stay at home moms which I pray shall redeem me of the pain I caused to you and a lot of other women…
      I see that you had a problem when I sort of got personal and questioned Shahid call his wife ordinary. But what I wrote was “he should have married her coz she is extraordinary or atleast sees extraordinary in her”… Simplest of people are known to accomplish great things coz someone saw extraordinary in them..And I believe it is the duty of loved ones to make us believe we are extraordinary.. as far was my point on availability of options for Shahid; I acknowledged that I was being judgemental and I also hoped these are not true…but I think that at times in order to call out the bluff of people on such regressive thinking of belittling working moms, response in their own language becomes a necessary dirty task… I did not see the Kareena Kapoor show where she suggested Sonkshi Sinha to be a housewife and ridiculed her…Like I said I will be working on issues related to stay at home moms soon…. I thank you for giving me an idea for my next write up..

      It was a pleasure reading your response. I hope you visit us again… I am open to learning so that I become a better writer and also a better person and feedback from guys like you is much needed. Thanks once again and I hope to catch up with you soon. Hopefully you will not be disappointed with the next one and other already posted articles on our page…

      Wishing you lots of love and lots more power….

      1. “..but I think that at times in order to call out the bluff of people on such regressive thinking of belittling working moms, response in their own language becomes a necessary dirty task…” – the point I’m trying to convey is that we don’t necessarily have to respond in the same or vicious manner to prove a point. It could even be done through a light hearted nudge to promote awareness and make everyone feel included than excluded. I’m afraid that gender equality is going to be a far fetched goal if we women are divided amongst ourselves and continue to point fingers at each other. Above all, I’m concerned that need to respond in their own language could result in cyber bullying leading the already fragile minds and broken hearts into taking fatal measures. As they say, a pen is mightier than a sword, and a writers words could have a lasting effect on people, especially young minds who tend to cultivate their attitude through these articles these days.
        As for ‘But what I wrote was “he should have married her coz she is extraordinary or atleast sees extraordinary in her” ‘… some may prefer to be accepted and loved for just who they are and not because they have an “extra” element. We certainly shouldn’t go around enforcing our views on why someone should or shouldn’t marry one.

        And, don’t worry your article did not cause me pain, but I strongly felt it wasn’t sending out the right message. Look forward to receiving positive vibes in your future articles. Thanks for your wishes and good luck!


  38. Hi im nt a fan of either shahid or mira
    She is a new mom its her point of u
    Why everyone making it a social issue i respect her feelings plzz stop all dis

  39. Very well written article..The meera’s of the world will never know what’s it to be independent..Spend your own money, make your own decisions…As they have outsourced it to their better halves!. ..I have more respect for our domestic helps.. mothers who are willing to go to any extent to support their family and have a better future for their children..They leave home..For work..Just so that one day their kids can grow up into independent beings capable of taking care of themselves and have a opinion , self confidence in themselves..Not to rely on any individual monetary or emotionally!

  40. Mira Rajput is so true and matured in her thinking for a 24 – 25 year old. Salute her. Women of the world especially India – if you are so focused on your career and cannot afford a child then please don’t give birth to kids since you end up ruining the life of the kid by not giving them p[roper attention. And the main motive of these women is to not enhance in their career, but to enhance thereby earn more money so that they can financially support their family (mother, father, brother, etc) who are actually pimps surviving on their married daughter’s money.
    So gals, if that is your motive then please change your mind set and concentrate on your baby

    1. Bravo!!!! I don’t think I am qualified enough to respond to this as it requires me swimming through gutter filled with pig shit and I can neither swim nor a fan of pigs or shits…. But I am indeed humbled to hear your views and can do nothing more but slow clap at your expressed views….

  41. You rock girl !!!! I’m a working mom and u know my story ……I totally completely fiercely agree with u. I’m not a person of words but if I had to put my thought into words I feel exactly like this for the statement mira gave. Kudos to u for taking a stand for all working women …….and yes even though u haven’t given birth I must say I already are an amazing mom at heart ….mmmuuuah !!!!

  42. Amazeball you are Arun!

    So, parents, husbands & brothers are pimps… Like that’s so true, isn’t it? Our fathers work double shifts to educate us, our working mothers are utterly selfish for pursuing their careers for their kids’ future, I couldn’t have thought of something so, so (and a million times ‘so’) logical (*sarcasm* had to mention that cause I am unsure of your intellect).

    However, please don’t bother lending a helping hand at home cause you don’t wanna call your parents pimps, right? And, educating your daughter goes out of question (if you have or produce one), you’ll be a lot sorted.


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