Unhealthy workplace habits you need a break from. Now.

We all have a workplace routine and more often than not they are not ideally healthy. Most people do not even realize that they have picked up a plethora of mindless habits that they unconsciously perform every single work day! We are running a list of the culprits we all are guilty of at the workplace in one way or the other. Let’s pledge to stop before the damage can’t be undone.

Not taking healthy breaks –

Managing breaks is in itself a task. The key to a healthy break is to know the right time and length of it. It is no secret that we have a limited attention span. Spending your breaks on social media or on your phone might add to the fatigue you already carry from all that work. Avoiding screens altogether might be a good idea to boost your spirits and give your eyes the rest they deserve. It’s also a good idea to avoid any negative gossip from around the office, as this can send you back to your desk a little depleted. It is also completely unnecessary to check your emails every five minutes — that kind of procrastination is not a healthy break, and reduces your productivity. Carrying a healthy homemade snack can rejuvenate you without putting you on a carb indulgence guilt trip. A tiny creative doodling, writing, sketching break can spurge back the energy in you.

Drinking too little water and too much coffee –

Coffee and work have been partners since the beginning of time. If you are guilty of too much coffee at workplace does it helps to say it is the toughest habit to break on the list? Too much coffee has repercussions like headaches, anxiety, insomnia, nervousness, to name a few. Being a coffee enthusiast myself, I can say with conviction it is hard to draw the line when you really enjoy your coffee and the workplace has a free machine installed. The key is to refrain so that you can maintain a healthy balance. You can pick a time of your choice when you really cannot go without a cup of coffee and for the rest of the day rely on water. As boring as that sound, you will be presently surprised by the benefits of staying sufficiently hydrated. Having a water bottle target can be a good way to track your water consumption throughout the day.

Slouching –

Bad posture and slouching are the easiest bad habits to pick up at work place because most of us are mostly overworked or bored or both. Slumping and lousiness comes naturally to us when we are tired. The worst part is we are perceived differently and hunching over the desk does not really gives out a very good impression. Furthermore, it’s bad for your body, makes you look sloppy and might give you a back pain latter on. Experts also believe that slouching can affect your self-confidence, too, making you feel more depressed than if you were sitting up, ready to tackle the world. Sit up straight to be seen as assertive, feel more confident, and save yourself aches and pains later.

Never saying No –

Not acknowledging your own limits and giving in to all the request can leave anybody overloaded with work responsibilities. While it is tempting to say yes and welcome positive comments about work ethic, dedication and capacity: truth be told, saying yes to every task can lead to situations where you feel being taken advantage of. It can be stressful and overwhelming to always be on the run, to meet deadlines with all that work sitting at your desk. So it is important to break that habit of nodding a yes to every favor and every request that comes your way. The significance of free time shouldn’t be underestimated. You cannot serve from an empty cup.

A messy and unorganized desk –

The curse of a messy desk will gloom your day sooner or later. You will not find that paper you need desperately in the need of the hour and it will magically reappear when the moment has passed and you have made a fool of yourself in front of the most despised colleague. Well, some of us are naturally messy and others are organised and tidy by nature but indulging in your messy habits at work may back fire.

Multitasking Debacles –

Switching back and forth between tasks can take a toll on anyone, lead to mistakes due to depleted concentration and half done work at the end of the day. Multi-tasking is definitely not everyone’s forte. The key is to recognize the most important task and create an order. Be sure of giving quality attention to each piece of work you produce. Prioritizing helps to remain calm as you see things getting checked off your task list while multitasking might drive you crazy as everything saps your energy and nothing is completely done with. You can also be sure of tracking progress and have a clearer picture of time and effort log.

These mildly unnoticeable habits creeps into our daily lives and can become a part of our personality if not checked in time. They are bad and they are bad because they are a part of our routines. Let’s handle them before they take a toll on us unannounced.


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