A Bollywood Bully and a Badass Hero


The story begins quite conventionally, to keep up with Bollywood! There is a Villain and there is a Hero(ine) if you will but I feel heroes (just like villains) should be gender neutral. So you get the idea! This guy is our villain and the girl is our hero.

Just like most of our Bollywood stories, the villain has his entourage of sidekicks. These sidekicks include an England educated guy from a royal family who for some weird reason believes that one of the factors determining your job is genetics. There goes to dumps years and years of struggle of our forefathers who invested their entire lives fighting the class barriers! Apparently, IQ and EQ is something even money and English Colleges can not give you.

Second in line of the many many sidekicks of our villain is this below mediocre Daddy’s boy whose Daddy has spent his life making equally below mediocre movies which invariably included a Hero confessing love to heroine by slapping on her buttock, but all is in the name of comedy and what is comedy without a butt slap? If the argument of our royal regarding genetics holds ground, the son should be equally if not more fixated to butts.

Our villain is again from a filmy family. Being a super rich son of a rich daddy, he takes pride in sitting amongst the most happening crowd of tinsel town and making fun of clothes and accents of the less fortunates. The villain’s brilliant ideas in the past included yards and yards of chiffon wrapped around a skimpy blouse, which has since migrated to a bikini and somewhere between the saree and the bikini you will find a threadbare triangle involving love and friendship.

Our hero; in stark contrast comes from a humble family of a small town and has a weird albeit endearing speech pattern. She is also known to stand up against a self-proclaimed Greek God (ironically yet another guy whose Daddy brought upon himself to launch his son’s career). I don’t say that she is invincible and the best in her craft but I do know for sure that she has way more talent, our villain and sidekicks combined. Although I do wish she could have turned down her last movie, which also starred the snobby royal sidekick in question.

Now since the introductions of related parties are over and done with; let us get to the root of the cause which makes me take sides and call one party a hero and another a Villain. Our hero valiantly took upon herself to stand before the villain and called out his bluff. She accused him (rightly so) of promoting ‘Nepotism’ by way of launching only star kids and thereby sidelining raw talent which is known to gradually fade away after years and years of futile struggle. Before you guys come over me all guns blazing, I do acknowledge there are a lucky few people without rich and famous Mamas and Papas who have managed to make a mark but let us all be honest and admit if your Daddy is not a big shot or if you are not from beauty pageant background your future is now bleak in the industry thanks to Nepotism which our hero has bravely pointed out. Why can’t our villain and his sidekicks acknowledge what is right before their eyes? Life has been easier for them in terms of getting breaks as compared to other people. And this was all our Hero was saying when almost entire industry ganged up on her.

Genes should ideally not be a substitute for talent and hard work. Should this not be a universal truth? Why is there even an argument? But sadly that is not the case. There is a majority which vehemently argues in support of Nepotism. I do not say that privilege should be forsaken or all the privileged ones are mediocre but at least that privilege should not be blatantly rubbed in other’s faces.

So this son of butt fixated daddy and a snobby royal joined our dreamy villain on the stage of a shady and incompetent award show to throw some jibes on our Hero and in their words our hero should not speak at all for the greater good. This gang further claimed that “Nepotism Rocks”. Now if Nepotism Rocks I wonder what else will rock next? Will it be “Mediocrity Rocks”? Or will it be “Hypocrisy Rocks”? I wish and pray this day of Mediocrity and Hyporicy rocks never come. As long as there are Heroes like the hero of our story; We can still hope that a day shall come when only Talent shall rock and not Nepotism. Here’s wishing end of this story is as conventional as the beginning and Hero wins against all odds…. Heroism Rocks!!!!


The author SmirkyFish