Kangana Ranaut: The in-suppressible voice

Kangana has time and again proved she isn’t like any other actor, who will be satisfied with a glam doll image, objectification, bullying or manhandling. She doesn’t wear makeup to hide her imperfections, she is confident enough to flaunt her scars to the world. And we sure love her and relate more to her for being ‘real and raw’. Even though we do not belong to the glam world, we know her problems are real, her arguments make sense, and at the same time, we fear the consequences that she might face for speaking her mind.

In India, we are so habituated to ‘compromise’ that we feel it’s the norm. As we grow up we learn to shut our voices and suffer in pain and overlook all the wrong that has been done to us, just to remain safe. I seriously doubt the entire concept of safety and condemn the way we are living our lives. We are scared of the truth being spoken so unapologetically. It makes us uncomfortable. The first thought that comes to my mind, instead of appreciating Kangana for standing up, is what will happen to her now? What will these big shots do to her? Will she get another movie now? Will she survive? I am sure just like me a lot of you might relate to my thoughts because..let’s just accept it… we are all fucked up!

I pity my thoughts and also the society the I live in. Look at how we operate? We have lost our sense of justice. We have lost the faith in righteousness. Despite all this, I stand with you Kangana for making me realize what courage means, thank you for redefining and correcting the concept of feminism for me. Thank you for being the voice of millions of people who are going through a similar situation at different places. I wish our voices roar in unison and gives a message loud and clear, ” we won’t take it anymore. We are done”!