Sisters Before Misters !!!

Is it so important to be the “One” that you are willing to let go of all your dignity and grace and become the “Other One” rather than the one you intended to? I am willing to take the risk of being labeled a crazy, psycho feminazi bitch (yet again!) and take upon myself the onus of calling out bluff of our beloved men.

The lesson is as old as the time itself; The guy who cheats on his wife with you will cheat on you in a heartbeat. You will not find a better example than me as I have almost seen both the sides. When I was a wife long back, my ex told anybody who would listen what a crazy psycho I am and how the only agenda I have is to ruin his already pathetic life. May be his audience included the early twenties population, I am not sure (but let us keep the option open coz he did tell his sob story to anybody and everybody). Just may be he was able to score on a few girls by making me a villain and the vulnerable early twenties may have found this brooding, sensitive, slightly older guy thing too hot to resist. Luckily I got out of that marriage because of a lot of reasons which did not include his scores!!! Then after less than an year I met a brooding, sensitive slightly older guy (not to be mistaken with my ex, this is another guy) who had the similar version of crazy, psychopath story about his wife and claimed that I am an angel who could do no harm…. See how the tables turn!!! As long as I was a wife I was a psycho to a man and when I was not a wife I was an angel to a man. It is the same me however, either I was an angel then or am a psycho bitch still. Thankfully since I had already seen the wife end of the table, I ran as fast as I could from that man in question in another direction the very minute he started vilifying his wife and patronizing me at the same time.

Why am I sharing this story you wonder? It is especially for the girls who are approached by men with a sob story of how harassed they are and how difficult it is for these men to stay with their neurotic wives! They might tell you they are abused, henpecked and cheated upon. Do not believe these men! Their wives are girls just like you and I, their wives have dreams and passions and hopes and fears just like you and I. And as far as crazy is concerned, everyone has their own crazy to handle. Are you not a little crazy?? What these men call crazy, you might call endearing If you knew this girl they are talking about. If only you know the wife whom this guy is bad mouthing just to get laid, you will probably feel sorry for her. So don’t do that. Do not buy whatever this guy is selling; he is just trying to get in your pants and you deserve better than a jerk who breaks heart of a harmless girl sitting at his home, waiting for him. Now again; it does not apply to all men, maybe some are gentlemen (although am still waiting to meet one) and may be some women are neurotic bitches (still waiting to know one). This article solely applies to the target audience of self victimised men and vulnerable women..

If you do decide to continue any sort of relationship with this married guy, please make an informed decision. Do not make a villain out of a hapless girl who has no idea where her husband is. You may decide to be a wife someday, never do to another woman what you can’t bear yourself. It is not worth it… and it hurts like hell when you are at the receiving end. I am not trying to take a moral high ground here… it may be possible that their marriage has actually fallen apart and the man in question is harmlessly venting out his feelings , all am saying is whatever your reasons are for sleeping with him, never ever fool yourself by thinking that just because he claims his wife is a villain she really is one and once she is “supposedly” a villain it makes it okay to be lost in those oh so dreamy eyes!!! The dreamy eyes, the salt and pepper hair, the I am so mature and I know the world, the I have feelings guy vibes are too irresistible I understand but do try and resist and stand for this wife the man is bad mouthing!

Men have made a fool out of us for so long pitting us against each other. Let us stand for each other for a change. Let us believe that when a man calls another woman who happens to be his wife crazy, psycho or bitch before us, we should hear insecurity of a man and not craziness of the woman he is talking about.

Let us keep Sisters before Misters from now on till forever after…. What Say!!!!



The author SmirkyFish