Bloody Tax!!! Literally……

Thank God Men do not get Periods! Considering that the current government is not budging at all on its stand of GST on sanitary napkins and with fixation of our Indian men on relieving themselves at the side wall of a road; I cannot help but wonder if Men had their periods, Public Urination would be sadly accompanied with Public Mensuration thanks to super expensive sanitary napkins and all hell would break loose on our beloved apparently Swachh Bharat !!!

But what if? What if Men had to go through “That time of the month”? How would they carry themselves? Would they carry their handbag sheepishly to the loo? Would they use it as an excuse to gorge upon chocolates? Would smoking breaks be substituted to loo breaks in order to accommodate for the time to check whether the “Buddy” is at the right place and is doing what it is supposed to do? Would they blame their bitchiness on hormones flying crazy? I lay awake at night thinking of the questions I would sadly never ever get answers to.

However, moving on! I am fairly lucky I must say! Mother nature treats me well on those times of all the months. I hardly get cramps and no mood swings at all. Well! If you are always cranky, it more or less solves the problem of swinging mood! All I get is a slightly bloated body and just a little inconvenience of not being able to wear lighter shades. No matter how much these advertisement guys zoom their cameras on the butt of a skinny girl wearing equally skinny white pants during her periods; I have sworn a solemn oath of never trusting these people and shall never ever wear my whites on period. Even though I am a special cramp free and equally cranky child of mother nature who can thankfully afford the ridiculously expensive hygiene products which claim to absorb the entire bloodshed of all seven seasons of Game of Thrones combined; Not everyone is as lucky as I am.There is still stigma attached to mensuration, especially in rural India. Having to go through the trauma of puberty without affordable hygiene products at disposal is something the lucky we will never understand.

The government says that polymer which is one of the raw materials used in manufacturing sanitary napkins is obtained after paying 18℅ GST because of which it is impossible to bring down the tax rates lower than present effective 12℅. The government did put an extra effort in collecting data and throwing it in our faces by saying that previous tax rates were 13.68℅ as against lower rates of today. Statistics often eats away both, the logic as well as the emotions. I am sure they would have found a way to address the issue if they really wanted to. Afterall there are so many necessities government procures at higher price and supplies to the public at subsidized prices. Why can’t we do the same for our girls? It is just about setting our priorities straight. What is the alternative after all? Girls being left out from academics and sports for 5 days in a month only because of Periods which can be managed with a little sensitivity and sensibility is a very expensive price we are paying.

Leave aside the 12℅ and 18℅ mathematics for a minute and just think about it! Freedom for a girl child to live her life as she wants and doing what she wants every single day come hail or storm (metaphorical period) is totally worth it and 12℅ in form of GST is a very small price to pay for that freedom!!!

Is there a thing called happy period? If there is then have it! Or not maybe… Cranky is also awesome in its own way… Just stay the Diva that you are every second every minute every hour every day of each month.



The author SmirkyFish