Strength Training Tips for Women


We all know that strength training definitely builds on lean muscle mass, burns fat and builds physical endurance. But did you know that the perfect strength training schedule could also make your bones stronger? Considering that many women experience the loss of bone strength on account of depleting calcium levels and hormonal imbalances, strength training could offer a lot of benefits. 

However, strength training exercises must be performed right and in the correct frequency for the best results. Often, we may think we are doing more than enough, however, results just aren’t visible. Some of the below-mentioned tips should provide the right guidance for a successful outcome. 
Some Useful Tips on Strength Training for Women
It is Important to Lift Weights a Minimum of Three Times a Week: 
Always remember, the ideal frequency for weight lifting would be about three times a week. Lifting twice could offer some benefits, but, once is as good as not lifitng any weight at all. Interestingly, if you lift more than thrice, you body may not be provided with enough time to recover and repair between weight lifting sessions. And, the strengthening of the muscles happens during these interim rest periods. Besides, not allowing the body to recuperate could also cause unwarranted injuries. 
It is Essential to Lift Enough Weight to Make the Sessions Worthwhile: 
While women might believe that they should use lighter weights, men go directly for the extremely heavy ones. However, even for women, lifting relatively heavy weights would be essential to generate the desired impact. Doing free weights is possibly a suitable alternative. Exercises like squats with weights could work on many more muslces at once, proving to be much more effective in the long run. 
Weights Should be Increased over Time.
It is essential to keep challenging your limits when you start with regular weight training. However, the increase in weight has to be gradual. For instance, start with a weight and perform first 10 lifts then go on increasing to 11 and finally 12. Once you can comfortably hit the 12 mark, it is time to go for an increment of 5 pounds. Repeat the same sequence again, till you increase further. 
If you are wondering whether strength training can make you look all puffed up and knotted, don’t worry! Due to the specifically low levels of testosterone in women, the possibility of building abnormally huge muscles is one in a million! All you need to be concerned about is your current fitness and endurance levels, both of which must be improved gradually, over a period of time. 
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Sleep Like a Baby!

“Sleep is the best meditation.” – Dalai Lama

Medical experts say that getting a good night’s sleep is vital to conserve and restore energy. According to a series of study on sleep, a good quality sleep helps to maintain the physiology of our brain.

Unfortunately, the modern society is poorly equipped to provide our brains with the needful time to relax and restore its energy. Feeling weary and grumpy in the mornings is something a million people are lately suffering from. A study by UK’s University of Warwick Medical School addresses the problem of Global ‘Sleeplessness epidemic’, which has affected an estimated 150 millions in the developing world. Numerous people are suffering from sleep disorders like insomnia, sleep apnea and sleep deprivation due to laborious work schedules.

However, you are not doomed to sleep deprivation if you alter your lifestyle to a healthy one and prioritize sleep. Right from exercising, eating healthy to purchasing a comfortable nighty, everything makes a difference to your sleep.
Tips for a Healthy SleepYou can have a better control over your sleep by taking some simple steps.

1. Keep a check on your eating and drinking habits – An overly full stomach is as distracting as a rumbling belly. Eating right before going to the bed is a must. Avoid having heavy meals for dinner. Also try and keep a margin of two to three hours between the time you eat and go to bed. Abstaining yourself from caffeine, nicotine and alcohol consumption within three hours to your bedtime is a good idea.

2. Plan a sleep schedule and stick to it – Following a sleep-wake cycle helps you develop a habit of sleeping and waking at the same time each day. Remember that sleeping some extra hours over the weekend won’t make up for the lack of sleep throughout the weekdays. There are certain things that you can do before going to bed. For instance, you can drink a glass of warm milk, have a bath, read books, listen to soothing music, and wear your favorite nightwear. Get yourself a homely nighty online. “Rituals help signal the body and mind that it’s coming to be time for sleep,” explains Dr. Carlson. Having a set of bedtime rituals can actually lull you to sleep.

3. Revamp your bedroom – Keeping your bedroom dark, quite and cool can help in getting you a peaceful sleep. It is important that your room is cool and well-ventilated because the temperature of your body tends to drop at night. Staying away from any work material, gadgets, computers and TV is a good idea. Keeping these out of your bedroom will strengthen the connectivity between your sleep and bedroom. Your mattress and pillow have a lot to do with your sleep. Features of good bedding are subjective; choose the right one for you. However, if you still find yourself awake, get up and do start doing something and come back to bed when you feel tired and sleepy.

4. Choose comfortable clothing 
– For a sound sleep, it is as important to keep your clothing comfortable. Wear easy and soft clothes to bed. Look for comfortable pyjamas and nighty to dress yourself in clothes that don’t bother you while you try to sleep.

5. See a doctor – If you have tried implementing these lifestyle changes and still find yourself wide awake in the middle of the night, consult a doctor. The doctor may prescribe you sleep medications that can help you fall asleep. But do keep in mind that these medicines have certain side effects. Try and get to the root of your problem with the help of a doctor.

Having a healthy regime and bringing these minor changes should help you have a good night’s sleep. Pamper yourself by joining a gym, buying a beautiful nighty online, and most importantly, by staying away from stress.

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