Daddy Dearest…A letter I wish you could read…


Dear Paa,

Since you left a lot has changed….

The world kept telling me:  when you lose a parent you get a God!!!

But I keep telling this world to stop feeding lies. When I lost a parent like you, I started a war against God. Honestly and humbly, God has so far been winning all the battles and tired now I have called for a truce. I am old now you see and have finally realized winning is overrated even if it is against God..

There have been many positive changes since you left. Indian Cricket team is stronger and there is a phenomenon called T-20 and IPL. One bad news though; Sachin Retired. Better movies are made today, kinds which would have reminded you of Gurudutt and Bimal Roy.

Incoming calls on cell phones are free now and outgoing is cheap thanks to crazy competition
The kind of cell phones made these days u wud not have believed. Although I still have your huge black Nokia size of a brick which costed a fortune. It is on my bedside near your photograph. Middle class started imagining cars other than Maruti Suzuki…

We have Facebook now where snap opinions are formed and judgments are passed. People have opinions on me and some have passed judgments on me as well. Yours was the only opinion that mattered and yours is the only judgment I am still scared of. I try to live up to the reputation of being your daughter but screw ups in my life are inevitable. The intensity of these screw ups is aggravated with your absence…

People no longer write letters and give cards on Father’s Day. They just tag their Dads. But don’t worry if you were around I would have written a letter like always (and also tagged u… I can’t help it… it is illness ). You would have liked Facebook. it’s a fun place to be on, away from reality. I spend most of my spare time here. The reality is still very hard for me. I know you would not have liked this, but my habit of running away from harsh truth has not changed. I will definitely try and put my feet on the ground and head out of clouds and do something worthwhile to make u proud.

I miss having u around when I see the world becoming so much fun and so colorful. Just the way u would have liked. Most of all, I miss having a good competition in sense of humor and writing skills department. People have everything but seem to have lost humor

It would have been fun if you were around. Now that I have a job and make ok money, I would have pampered u with really expensive gifts. Trust me when I say I can afford to. I m that grown up. I also know u wud have been crazy proud of me coz I can now buy things for you from my salary and not from money saved from pocket money. The truth is; I am always short on money. I fall short by 50 bucks a week, exact allowance I got from u…

The world is fun and more colorful but you not being part of it makes it empty and spoils the fun… you should have been around… not because I need you to take down God for me…. But only because I love you and I did not tell this to you enough when you were around…there are a lot of I love yous to say and not enough time to say it…. I hope people reading this learn from my mistake and say a lot of love yours while there is still time…
Taking down God along your side would have been another level of fun..Did I say Happy Father’s Day… can’t wait to see you again and settle scores with God….


Love n Hugs n Kisses…

Your Little Girl…

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Best Bollywood Dance Ideas to Rock Sangeet, on This Wedding Season


Wedding season is on, and just when you are planning out your attire for the evening, here are few ideas to rock the Sangeet function too. If you are the bridesmaid or the bride yourself, here are the steal-worthy ideas that will make you stand out. We have listed down, few choreography we loved. Do check it out and let us know which ones you liked.

Best wedding dance ideas:

  • Badri Ki Dulhania | Title Track | BOLLYWOOD | Naach Choreography

  • Udi Udi Jaye (Raees) by Devesh Mirchandani

  • Pinga | Bajirao Mastani | Bollywood | Naach Choreography

  • So You Think You Can Dance: Bollywood dance by Svetlana Tulasi & Ridy (Jhumka Gira Re)

  • Bollywood Dance performance by the Mona Khan Company1

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The official TEDTalks video of Shah Rukh Khan


We have been waiting for this for so long, the official TED  Talk video of Shah Rukh Khan. It’s not just a name, he is phenomena. He is so well-read and has an innate charm and wits and it reflects when he talks. He isn’t those typical preachy guys, he is fun, he is witty, he is articulate and most importantly draws life lessons from his personal experiences and the words have the power to connect to the masses. Without much ado, just check out this amazing video of his recent TED Talk, where he talked at a stretch on humanity, fame, and love. So, go ahead and click on the play button below:

Inspired? I am sure you all must- be. Now, check out  10 big quotes from Shah Rukh Khan’s addressal:

“I sell dreams and I peddle love to millions of people back home in India, who assume that I am the best lover in the world.”

“I have been made to understand that there a lot of you who haven’t seen my work and I feel really sad for you. That doesn’t take away the from fact that I am completely self-obsessed, as a movie star should be.”

“I truly believe that humanity is a lot like me. It is an ageing movie star, grappling with all the newness around itself, wondering whether it got it right in the first place and still trying to find a way to keep on shining regardless.”

“By the time I was 40, I was really flying. I had done 50 films by then and 200 songs and I had been knighted by the Malaysians and given the highest civilian honour by the French government. Humanity was soaring with me. We were both flying off the handle actually.”

On the internet:  “We had expected an expansion of ideas and dreams; we had not bargained for the enclosure of judgment.”

“I looked at my face and realized I am starting to look more and more like my wax statue at Madame Tussauds.”

On joining social media:

“Everything I said took a new meaning, everything I did- good, bad, ugly was there for the world to comment upon and judge. Everything that I didn’t say or do was met with the same fate.”

“Reality became virtual and virtual became real. I started to feel that I couldn’t be who I wanted to be or say what I actually thought. And humanity at this time completely identified with me. Both of us were going through mid-life crisis. Humanity, like me, was becoming an over-exposed prima donna.”

“I tried to reconstruct my identity on social media.”

“Neither power nor poverty can make your life more magical or less torturous… Whatever helps you survive is perhaps the oldest and simplest emotion known to mankind. And that is love.”

“Mankind will never be the wiser about its future unless it is coupled with a sense of love and compassion for their fellow beings.”

“You may use your power to build walls and to keep people outside or you may use it to break barriers and welcome them in.”

Not only this, there is more in store. SRK is all set to launch the Indian version of the TED Talk and in an exclusive interview he described the format as,

“People will share stories about changes in society, in life — whether it’s about the climate, dangerous diseases or to help empower women — and all of this will be integrated. There are some beautiful stories — both Indian and international — which the team is planning to get on one platform and do a nice mix of Hindi and English speakers. I feel it will be a niche show.”

So, we are waiting for the execution of the project and would love to hear your thoughts on what you loved most about his TED Talks.

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Meet the 106 year old YouTube sensation who is rocking the culinary world


A 106-year-old grandma is taking the culinary world by storm with her traditional recipes and out of the world cooking style. Meet Mastanamma, who recently celebrated her 106th birthday.Let's Talk Random Meet the 106 year old YouTube sensation who is rocking the culinary world Food and Fun Lifestyle RANDOM Trending

So, it all started when her great-grandson wanted to start a YouTube channel- CountryFoods. He wanted to showcase the traditional recipes and was looking for someone who can create those recipes in the most authentic style. That’s when he thought, who can be better than her granny? Because not just him, everyone around her loved her for her spirit and cooking skills
So, he approached her with the idea but she could not relate to it (for obvious reasons), infact she found it funny. But she still gave it a try and now she loves her new found stardom.
And, everyone who sees her can’t help falling in love with her infectious energy, warmth and of course her lip-smacking recipes.
Till now, this sensation has gained over 200,000 subscribers on her channel. We also appreciate her grandson-Laxman for his brilliant idea and execution. He swears by her eggplant/brinjal curry recipe, you should check it out too and since we loved her unique style of cooking, we have added one recipe here. But before that, check out this video that talks about her story.

Inspired? now, check out her amazing chicken recipe cooked in the watermelon shell.

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Strong is the new Sexy: Serena Williams


You remember that time when we would not stop gushing over the decision of Kareena Kapoor to walk the ramp all pretty and dressed up and happily flaunting a baby bump? At that time it was considered to be a benchmark of feminism by all of us. But it is ancient history now. Then came Beyonce our beloved queen bee who set some really high pregnancy announcement goals clad in a beautiful bikini and she didn’t just stop there. Her performance at the Grammy’s with a baby in her belly was out of the world. We all thought this is the maximum on Goddess scale.

Let's Talk Random Strong is the new Sexy: Serena Williams RANDOM Trending

But wait !!! Not so quick. If there is anyone who deserves this title of Goddess if there is anyone before whom we all should bow our heads in reverence it is Serena Williams. Lately, she announced she is 20 weeks pregnant and we all started calculating backwards. She was 2 months pregnant when she not only participated in Australian open but went ahead and won the title in style. She won the final match without losing a set and she had a baby in her womb all this time.

Let's Talk Random Strong is the new Sexy: Serena Williams RANDOM Trending   Let's Talk Random Strong is the new Sexy: Serena Williams RANDOM Trending

So what makes this woman a Goddess you ask? When for most of us mere mortals it is difficult to hop out of the bed and we are all cranked up in a snap thanks to hormones flying crazy at that time of the month when so called Chums pay an unwelcome visit; this woman has a whole person inside her and is totally ruling her job. I can not even begin to comprehend the kind of scary thoughts she must be having. But she overcame all of this in style. Honestly, whatever little I am into tennis, I was a fan of Sampras once upon a time as a kid then I was in total awe of Federer. It shames me to accept that in spite of being a self proclaimed feminist, I chose to ignore a woman who is equally good at her job as these greats and it took an out of this world badassery on her part to draw my attention towards her. Believe me when I say I have goosebumps when I am talking about her. Serena Williams happens to be anything and everything that is amazing about being a woman. The kind of physical strength a woman’s body holds and the kind of emotional strength it takes to be doing what she did is unfathomable. Anybody and everybody who has ever questioned choices of women who decided to have a baby without compromising on their careers; the answer is Serena Williams. Anybody and everybody who has questioned professionalism of pregnant women; the answer is again Serena Williams.

Let's Talk Random Strong is the new Sexy: Serena Williams RANDOM Trending   Let's Talk Random Strong is the new Sexy: Serena Williams RANDOM Trending   Let's Talk Random Strong is the new Sexy: Serena Williams RANDOM Trending

Life must not have been a cakewalk for her. Being Black and being a girl in an unforgiving world and on top of this, deciding to play a sport which was a rich white man’s game for a very very long time. Her hairstyle was questioned; why would she wear beads they asked, claiming that the beads distracted opponents. Her choice of clothing was questioned; isn’t it way too short and way too tight when she decided to wear catsuit for a game. Her choice of bra was questioned; she makes so much of money, why can’t she buy some good quality sports bra to cover those nipples they advised. She kept silent and she kept doing her job and she kept ruling at her job. Showing to all of us self obsessed feminists- This is how it is done.

Next time anyone who worships a pregnant woman for walking down a ramp or worships a pregnant woman for dancing at an award show; to them I shall say yeah they are great and everything but there is one Goddess who rules us all and her name is Serena Williams. We should stop telling the world that Serena Williams is one of the greatest female Tennis Players. We should stop saying she is the greatest sportswoman of all times. We should also stop focusing on only the fact that Williams is one of the greatest Sportsperson the world has ever seen. We should tell the world what Serena really is: She is a legend and a revolution we have been waiting for so long. She has set some really high goals for each one of us and every subsequent that time of the month when I am thinking of calling in sick or am inclined to reach office a little late; I shall remind myself what this Goddess would have done in my place.

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A beautiful choreography on Bajirao Mastani’s Aayat

aayat-indian choreography-letstalkrandomdotcom

Hey guys,

I was getting bored in office, when I started browsing through YouTube, and this is the first performance that I saw and was spell-bound with the grace, beauty and the dancing style. Let us know if you liked it too.


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There is a Superhero called Superpreet


Dearest Superpreet Kaur!

I have an idea that I am being a perfect jerk because I am using your story at such difficult time in your life, so I will begin by apologizing to you. I am very very sorry for using your story without your permission. You must have already noticed that I took the liberty of modifying your name slightly because I am in total awe of you. My intention behind sharing your story, however, is not that bad because in this crazy messed up world where most of us are emotionally challenged, we can learn a thing or two from Superheroes like you !!

I have seen grief myself and my own blood boils when people use my grief and try to make sense out of the disasters of my life. My grief is mine alone and the world has no business in taking my grief and drawing out lessons from it and then shoving the same lessons down my throat. Trust me when I say that I hate myself for doing the same to you what the world has been doing to me all these years. But I will draw a line; I am not going to take out lessons from your grief and recite the same to you. Why am I telling my version of your story then? Although I accept that I have no intention of using your story to make this world a better place but please allow me to try and become a better person myself through your strength of character. Like I said, I have seen grief; but what I have not seen is the courage you exhibited when fate forced you to read out the news of your own world coming crumbling down. You had one job and you made sure you did it come hail, come storm or come death of the love of your life. I wonder where you get this courage from and I am embarrassed to accept that I let my emotions grab hold of my good sense and I refuse to learn to be better emotionally equipped disaster after disaster and grief after grief.

I am in awe of you because when I see people here in India killing a man for apparently eating cow meat, when I see people in Pakistan killing a student and then defiling his dead body for apparent blasphemy and when I see people all over the world refusing to consider people different from their own kinds as humans I wonder why couldn’t these people contain their emotions? The little I know of grief; anger is a major part of it and somewhere you must have felt it as well. Although not all of us can be superheroes like you but there has to be a way to control this anger and sadness which makes us want to burn down the whole world. If only we all just do our jobs (like you did) and just fulfill the purpose for which we were born (I am pretty sure it does not include taking away human life for whatever reasons) wouldn’t the world be a better and safer place?

Let's Talk Random There is a Superhero called Superpreet RANDOM Trending

I am sure you have as big heart as I imagine you to possess and you are going to forgive me if you come across this piece for using your story. It is just that in the first time in forever I want to become a better person and that is because of you. You don’t know me but please believe me when I say; if I could, I would take away all your pain just to make sure that beautiful souls like you never know what pain is. But I guess that somewhere down the line it is pain that makes souls beautiful and for you I can relate to this song:

Sometimes it takes balls to be a woman
Standing up to a test while wearing a party dress
Sometimes looks can be deceiving
When you’re quietly over achieving
Oh, sometimes it takes balls to be a woman

With Love and Blessings and Healing,
From Girl who knows Grief but no Courage

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Is Your Partner Lying to You?


Is Your Partner Lying to You?

Do you have a sneaking feeling that your partner is lying to you? Are you longing for a way to find out whether what your partner says they are up to when they aren’t with you is true? Detecting lies does not require psychic powers or mind reading abilities. How many movies and television series have you seen on telltale signs that someone is lying? Some of what they say is actually true and you can master these techniques too. Let us first take a look at why partners lie before we find ways to detect such lies. I will also tell you some tried and tested ways to handle the situation if you find that your partner is lying to you.

What Partners Lie About

Let's Talk Random Is Your Partner Lying to You? Lifestyle Positivity Dosage RANDOM

Here are common situations in which partners are likely to lie.

Relational Issues

  • Usually, partners lie or give excuses about why they cannot see you or spend time together. For instance, your partner may tell you that they are busy at work, or that they are not feeling well enough or they have some urgent errands to run.
  • They lie about their past relationships, usually in order to avoid awkwardness, conflict or unnecessary arguments.
  • Your partner may lie to you about his/her attraction towards another person. The reason for this is quite obvious!
  • In a relationship, partners are found lying about their secret contact with a third person. This secret contact can be sexual or non-sexual.
  • Partners are generally seen lying about their level of commitment to each other. This is because they are unsure of their feelings or uncertain about the future.

Sexual Issues

  • Lovers usually conceal their sexual fantasies about somebody else during sex with their partners. Usually, the fantasy involves a co-worker, partner’s family member or a friend.
  • Men, in particular, have been found to lie about masturbating. They usually do not reveal the number of times they masturbate.
  • Remember that famous scene from When Harry Met Sally where the character played by Meg Ryan fakes an orgasm right in the middle of a restaurant? All she was proving was that partners tend to lie about how good their experience of intercourse was.
  • Lovers or spouses usually hide information about their past sexual acts, virginity, child abuse or abortions.


  • Partners are usually seen lying about their physical health or appearance, such as weight and age.
  • Partners can give untruthful data about their family and friends. This is because they want to present a better picture than the reality.
  • Your partner could lie to you about their feelings and emotions. This is usually because they are scared for being taken for granted or fear negative perceptions.

Negative Behaviours

  • Partners usually lie about the present or past drug use.
  • Your partner might be lying to you about alcohol consumption.
  • Partners generally lie about their smoking habit as well.
  • Gambling involvement is mostly concealed by partners.

Financial Issues

  • Partners tend to lie about their inherited property, income and financial resources.
  • Your partner could lie to you about their debt level.
  • They also tend to hide how they might be splurging their hard earned money.

Once you know the various circumstances in which your partner could lie to you, it becomes easier to detect the lies. Let us now take a look at the various ways to detect when your partner is lying to you.

Ways to Detect If Your Partner Is Lying to You

Let's Talk Random Is Your Partner Lying to You? Lifestyle Positivity Dosage RANDOM   Let's Talk Random Is Your Partner Lying to You? Lifestyle Positivity Dosage RANDOM

Jean Baptiste Poquelin Moliere once said, “One is easily fooled by that which one loves.”

So, if you want to save yourself from this situation, you should know the methods of detecting deception.

  • Observe the Micro-Expressions: Although these expressions flash across the face of a person for a fraction of a second, they reveal the true emotion that the person is concealing beneath their façade. These micro-expressions are easily detectable. Usually, you will notice the emotion of distress on your partner’s face, which is characterized by a frown.
  • Notice the Eye Movements: As said by Paulo Coelho, “No one can lie, no one can hide anything when he looks directly into someone’s eyes.” So, you can detect if your partner is cooking up a story based on their eye movements. If your partner is lying, they will move their eyes to the left. Rapid blinking of the eyes is another way to detect if a person is lying. It is also found that people, mostly men, rub their eyes when lying.
  • Notice Speech Patterns: If your partner starts speaking in a higher pitch, is hesitant in their speech or makes more grammatical errors than usual, there is a possibility that they are lying. Also, you will notice discrepancies between their facial expression and their tone of voice.
  • Look for Mouth Covering and Nose Touching: If you notice your partner touching his/her nose too often, there is a probability that they are lying. A person who is lying is also tends to cover their mouth with their hands or place their hands near the mouth while speaking. This is one of the easiest ways to detect if your partner is lying or concealing the truth.
  • Offensive Vs Defensive: When confronted with the truth, do you see your partner becoming offensive or defensive? A person telling truth will always be offensive, while a liar will usually behave defensively.
  • Ask Direct Questions: Ask direct questions or confront your spouse or partner. If they give an indirect reply or act evasively, chances are high that they are lying to you. Being unable to confront you is a key sign of guilt.

I did not need thorough practice to detect whether my partner was lying to me, all I needed to do was to remain more alert and cautious, and observe these signs closely. Try not to snoop after your partner all day. You can always give your partner the benefit of the doubt and give them a chance to explain themselves. If it still doesn’t work, here are few steps that will help you deal with the situation if you find that your partner is lying to you.

How to Handle Lying in Partners?

Let's Talk Random Is Your Partner Lying to You? Lifestyle Positivity Dosage RANDOM   Let's Talk Random Is Your Partner Lying to You? Lifestyle Positivity Dosage RANDOM   Let's Talk Random Is Your Partner Lying to You? Lifestyle Positivity Dosage RANDOM

I understand that coping with the discovery that your partner is lying to you can be very difficult. Lying arouses a wide range of emotions inside us, but all you need to do is to tame those emotions and follow these steps to handle the situation so that you can catch your partner lying to you.

Be Calm

This is the most important thing you need to do. If you immediately rush off to confront your partner, especially without adequate evidence, you will only end up messing things up. What you need to do is step back, breathe deeply and relax. Instantly reacting to a situation will add more fuel to the fire. I had an experience where a friend of mine called me, crying because she thought her partner was cheating on her. She said she had heard a recording of her partner and another woman and she thought they were talking in coded words. Her instant reaction was to furiously react to the situation and declare that her boyfriend was being unfaithful. Later on, she found out that it was an insurance lady and her partner didn’t even know her. The accusations were hurtful and it took a long time for the couple to work things out and get back to their usual, loving relationship. So, keep your cool before reaching to a conclusion.

Confirm Your Suspicions

The first thing you need to do once you calm down is confirm whether your partner is actually lying to you. Get your facts right and double check them. Please make sure you do not involve family or friends in this matter since it can lead to irreparable damage and reckless gossip. Carry out your own investigation, hire a detective if you need to or purchase spy mobile software, which will help you to keep track of the calls, messages, and e-mails made or sent by your partner. You cannot have a plan of action until you have irrefutable proof that you are being lied to.

Confront Your Partner If Lying is Confirmed

Flush all the rage, need to swear and shout or even cry out of your system. When the time comes to confront someone with the truth, the most important thing is that you are in full control of your emotions and that you are able to put forward your arguments in a logical and calm manner. Once you know you can do this, tell your partner you need to talk. If you give an extreme reaction at the time of confrontation, it may lead to something that you will regret later.

Talk to your partner in a relaxed and non-threatening manner. Bring up the issue in a casual conversation. Come up with the truth and tell your partner what you have learned about the actual situation. Ask direct and relevant questions. Don’t let the topic be changed or the issue be evaded.

Listen Without Interrupting

I know you there will be a volcano ready to erupt within you, with questions, accusations, and emotions all ready to burst forth. However, you need to give your partner a chance to explain themselves and you have to patiently listen to their side of the story. Remember that you are the one who initiated this confrontation, so courtesy demands that you listen without prejudice.

Reconcile or Walk-Out

It is a very important thing for you to decide whether you are willing to forgive them, reconcile and move ahead with the relationship, putting all this behind you. If not, are you prepared to walk away from this relationship?

If your partner has been lying to a sexual partner, drugs addiction or gambling, it is advisable that you seek further consultation either from a marriage counselor or a de-addiction center. If this doesn’t work, you might need to end it here before you get hurt any further. However, if you feel that these are petty lies and can be forgiven, it is better to sort it out among yourselves and come to an understanding about the rules of communication, setting down guidelines of what each person will do if they discover that the other has been lying to them.

“People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be.”~Abraham Linoln


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If I had some Magic Beans…


I wish I had some magic beans! The beans which had powers to take me to the clouds. I would then have a bed made out of the sky and a pillow made of clouds. That would be the day when I could finally get some sleep without being scared of the nightmares. If only I had some magic beans; I would then sleep when the sun goes down and wake up when the sun rises again and that time when the sun and the moon are both together up there fighting over me; I would call out the stars to settle the scores.

Let's Talk Random If I had some Magic Beans... RANDOM


I wish I had some magic beans! The beans which had powers to mend a broken heart. I would then put colored band aids on the scratches and bruises and sew up that one big tear right across the heart. Then I would have a heart almost as good as new to play with it once again. My fingers are made of butter; they drop and break precious little things which are hard to mend once broken. If I had some magic beans; the bruised, broken and torn apart heart could learn to trust again and again after being broken again and again.

Let's Talk Random If I had some Magic Beans... RANDOM   Let's Talk Random If I had some Magic Beans... RANDOM

I wish I had some magic beans! The beans which could talk. For I am bored of listening to the voices going on in my head. The people living in my head are not kind you see. They keep playing the scary past and equally scary future like a movie I don’t wish to watch but am forced to. The voices in my head have made a concentration camp in my brain and keep me hostage there. If only I had some magic beans the voices would finally shut up and I could enjoy some peace. Then I would finish my long pending half-read novel and listen to the rain drops.

Let's Talk Random If I had some Magic Beans... RANDOM   Let's Talk Random If I had some Magic Beans... RANDOM   Let's Talk Random If I had some Magic Beans... RANDOM

I wish I had some magic beans! The beans which could take me to a place where nobody knows my name. A place where I get to rewrite my story. I no longer want to read the sad parts of my story on faces of others. I would write my own story afresh which starts with once upon a time and ends in happily ever after. All the twists in between would be magical and all the turns would lead to beautiful places. The name I write on sand of the beaches would then be mine for I would then forget that part of the story which involves you including your name. For me, names written on the sand are equally hard to erase as those written on the stones. If I had some magic beans, it would be my name written on the sand and not yours and then I would be free to go to the beach once again. 

Let's Talk Random If I had some Magic Beans... RANDOM   Let's Talk Random If I had some Magic Beans... RANDOM   Let's Talk Random If I had some Magic Beans... RANDOM   Let's Talk Random If I had some Magic Beans... RANDOM

I wish I had some magic beans! The beans which had powers to make me forget happiness of my past. I would then forget that stolen first kiss, that hug in the rain and lyrics of that song you loved to sing but always seemed to forget the words, forcing me to sing along. You gave me more than enough bad to remember about you. But when it comes to you, laws of nature get reversed and Good hurts more. The song hurts more, that hug in the rain hurts more and the first kiss hurts most. If I could forget all the good of the past, I could get my first kiss back, I could then dance again in the rain if only that hug doesn’t haunt me. If I had some magic beans I could then fall in love for the very first time all over again.

What would you do if you had some magic beans?

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Ganga says Enough !!!


It just so happens that I vehemently try and remember the long lost mythological stories of my childhood these days. I had no idea when I heard these stories that there would come a day that I would forget them and voices which narrated these stories will be lost forever. Or else, I would have written down these stories somewhere. The people who narrated these pieces are long gone and I have to rely on my fading memory which is desperately trying to hold onto last shreds of this ancestral treasure of countless stories which are all but half-remembered dream I hope never to forget.

Let's Talk Random Ganga says Enough !!! RANDOM Trending

One such story is that of Ganga; the daughter of majestic mountain Himalaya. Ganga is believed to have been sent down on earth for the sole purpose of relieving the human race from the endless cycle of birth and death and rebirth. The river takes upon herself all our sins, thus cleansing us and still remains pure. Poor Ganga !! Destined to kill her own sons to absolve them of their sins. Ganga! Who was once labeled too fast & difficult to control and as a result ended up all tangled in the endless hair locks of Shiv himself? How convenient this all sounds right? We have been given an easy outlet to dump all our sins and just in case it is felt that Ganga is going out of bounds, there is a Shiv to control her. But what if Shiv did not control her and it was Ganga’s decision herself to go and sit on Shiv’s head to cool of his infamous temper? Why blame Ganga of being out of bound? Why not question Shiv’s temper? I am digressing towards Feminazism people. I acknowledge and am Sorry !! Back to the topic…

Why this sudden surge of empathy towards Ganga? I had an opportunity to go on a trip at the banks of the river and I somehow had sleepless nights a few days before the trip in happy anticipation of walking barefooted on its banks at night, feeling cool sand against my skin and listening to the river roar at night. What conspired however totally disappointed me. Now, I am not a fanatic Hindu, I am ashamed to say that I do not care about the environment as much as I should but when I saw broken beer bottles, plastic bottles, polythene bags and used up condoms at the bank of the river, I took personal offense. There is this person who cleans up our sins and is equally essential for our survival and this is how we treat her?

Let's Talk Random Ganga says Enough !!! RANDOM Trending   Let's Talk Random Ganga says Enough !!! RANDOM Trending

Have you ever wondered what would happen if one fine day Ganga calls quits? What would happen if Ganga gets up and says go to hell you morons, I am not taking your crap and condoms any longer and keep your sins to yourself. I am leaving, to hell with you and your sins. The way we are treating her is totally disrespectful and it is only a matter of time when Ganga finally loses her patience. I will tell you what would happen when such a day comes. All hell would break loose and we will have no place to hide that day.


We have two options with us, either we start treating Ganga with the respect she is entitled to or else we make our own shoulders strong enough to carry the burden of our sins. Because I feel Ganga had enough already! Spare her now people.

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